Thursday, 19 December 2019

My bleached hair care routine in Japan (updated)

Girl with bleached silver hair in front of shrine lanterns

Here’s an update on the post I made 3 years ago about caring for my bleached hair care in Japan. I wasn’t super adventurous and actually brought lots from the UK this time because I was worried about finding affordable Japanese equivalents, but I managed and here we are! 
(Also I am trying to be minimal and low maintenance but like I have 4 shampoos and they are all different and I use them all ok!?? ) So here are all the products I tried this year, along with mini reviews of how I got on with stuff. Also sorry, I have lost the photos I took of these products.... 

Essentials shampoo// Basic, does the job, not too drying. Also definitely makes your hair tangle less

Essentials 30 second mask// they seem to not sell the other essentials mask I used to use which is a huge shame as that one was super rich. This one is still a lifesaver though. It’s cheap enough that you can use tonnes and not feel too guilty :)

Essentials cc oil// heat protectant and light hair oil. Does the job and can't complain, although before this I had been using tresemme heat defence and also the ordinary’s argan oil which I much preferred the texture of tbh. 

Calatas sv shampoo// very greeny blue. Not a huge fan especially as it was pretty expensive- I'd try the pr (purple) one maaaybe but I'm overall a bit disappointed

Bleach smoky shampoo// bae. I had the Bleach silver shampoo with me too until it ran out. Yes you’re talking to someone who literally brought 3 different shampoos with them  to Japan with only 23 kgs of hold luggage .... priorities... if I think about it I definitely took nearly a kilo of shampoo... oops...

Toni and guy clarifying shampoo// brought a teeny bit with me for emergencies in a little travel bottle! (Ok, apparently I brought 4 shampoos with me...) 

Philip kingsley elasticiser// I got this as a present, and it's amazing. Love this stuff. Bleached hair pals, give it a try because it's a life saver if your hair is super damaged like mine. It restores a bit of the strength back and stops hair breaking off so much. 

Vivid high tone bleach// this is the best bleach I’ve tried in Japan, it comes in a box with enough to do your roots 1 1/2 times and you can get it in donki for about 1000 yen! V pleased with this:) 

Also if you have any Japanese product recommendations for bleached hair, especially if it’s a good hair mask, I’d looove to know!!
-Amy xoxo

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