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Wednesday 21 July 2021

Happy Quantaversary to me!

Me wearing a face mask printed with Mary Quant daisies

Soo just a quick little post saying that it's been over 1 year since I started working at Mary Quant's London office! I haven't posted a tonne about it, mostly because all my creative energy has been going towards work so I've barely been active on my own social media...

 But yes I work at MQ at the moment, as day jobs go, it's pretty great!
Yes- Mary Quant is still active as a brand- mostly in Japan, but we do ship worldwide so if you're interested, please check out Mary Quant Europe's online store here:
(disclaimer- work haven't paid me to post this blog post but I do work at Mary Quant so...) 

I've still got a tonne to learn but I'm really enjoying it, plus I get staff discount on cosmetics yesss :D 

I hope you guys are doing ok! Stay safe gang!!
-Amy xoxo


Wednesday 7 July 2021

25 things I want to do now I'm 25

a photo of some white blossom with a blue sky. Taken in England in 2021

This post is a yearly tradition for me, I write a list of things I want to achieve in the next year. Unfortunately, due to *the current situation*, I didn't really get to tick off many things last year, but hey, here's hoping this year can be a bit better. (Also is it just me or does 25 seem hecking old aaaarghhhhh)

Last year's goals

1 Put myself first//   I definitely managed this! :^) I am v lucky in that I have tonnes of amazing friends and family, and I'm sooo hyped we're allowed to meet up irl soon

2 Get my film cameras developed//  I have a whole other camera full I need to get developed now... 

3 Get a new job// Tick!!! I'm currently working for Mary Quant's London office, and I couldn't be happier honestly. (Check Mary Quant out here  pls and thx) 

4 Get another piercing// I mean the shops were shut, so nope

5 Try a new hair colour// DONE

6 Go on holiday!! // I mean, my family went on a little British beach getaway, and it was great

7 Go back to Leeds <3 // Didn't make it to Leeds, and I'm extremely gutted about it :'(

8 TEFL course/

9 Start some savings// I'm really proud of this, and lucky that I have a job and money coming in.

10 Learn how to drive// (I absolutely hate driving)

11 Visit Amsterdam// we have to stay at home innit.

12 Have a cute picnic with my friends//
Luckily I did manage to sneak in some 

13 Learn how to cook a posh new thing// 

14 Go to a music festival// Do virtual festivals count? I'm going to count this. 

15 go 'out out' with my girls// Do virtual drinks count? I'm going to count this. 

16 Go to some more gigs//
  Do virtual gigs count? I'm going to count this. 

17 Try dating apps//
 Yep :^) Hinge was my fave, although I'm not on them any more because I'm seeing someone!

18 Go and see The Room// Another post-rona thing

19 Visit Hastings// I haven't visited this cute UK seaside town since I was a small child

20 Visit Canterbury// Another bucket list place for me, it's so close to me yet I've never been

21 Do some pottery// because yolo. I want to make some aesthetic plates

22 Do something with my photos from Japan// I did nothing with them, classique

23 Get a polaroid camera// I just think they seem really fun. I want to try and either get a second hand instax or a proper polaroid (should have got it in Japan regrets are real)

24 Visit Berlin// Another travel thing eek... 

Soo, all things considered, I think I did ok?

Here are my 25 goals for being 25:

1 Go back to Leeds// this is booked aaaaaahh

2 Go on holiday// 

3 Go to a festival// I've got one booked!

4 Go to a gig// tick! I went to see Louisa and the Bad Girls in Hoxton last month

5 Get another piercing// 

6 Hot girl summer!!// and by this I mean have a picnic and go to the beach

7 visit Amsterdam// 

8 Keep learning// I've read soo much marketing things lately so I'm going to tick this

9 learn how to drive// I keep writing it as a goal but I haate it so much

10 learn how to cook another posh new thing// Like something that's effort but v impressive and fancy

11 Go out out with the girls // Cannot wait to HIT THE CLUB, not sure if I will remember how long it all works but...

12 Go see The Room// me and my pals were going to go to soho to see it before lockdown so

13 Go to Hastings// 

14 Go to Canterbury//

15 Do some pottery//

16 get an instax//

17 Go to Berlin//

18 Go to Bristol//

19 Go back to Margate//

20 Read for pleasure// I'm sooo guilty of only reading marketing/ informative things at the moment

21 get another haircut// last time I got my hair cut (two lockdowns ago) it was sooo nice 

22 get better at taking photos outside// work has meant I've massively improved my photography/ editing (especially product photos) but I want to take more photos outside and push myself a bit. Considering how much I love ugly architecture

23 get jabbed// halfway there!!!

24 save money// well yep so far! 

25 Go out for a fancy meal// got this planned too :D

What are your post-lockdown goals? 

Thanks for reading! Stay safe gang, and hopefully we can all be having adventures again soon!

-Amy xoxo

24 things I want to do when I'm 24// I finally got my bleached hair to grow by doing the thing everyone says to do// All 41 hair dye posts I've written in 7 years of blogging // 

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