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Thursday 29 August 2019

Empties post #20 products I've used up ft Muji, Kosé, Heroine make and Tonymoly

flatlay of empty beauty products from Japan and the UK

Back with another empties post! This time it's mostly products from Japan, and I was mostly pretty pleased, buuut there were a couple which I really didn't get on with. As it's summer, I've been properly getting through the sunscreen, so there are my two faves in this empties too.

Muji Moisturiser// I really like Muji skincare- it's not too expensive and it seems to agree with my skin and the packaging is also v aesthetic, which is nice. This moisturiser didn't disappoint- I'd had the small one to try and I liked that so I bought this big tube. I've got another. (I've also realised that I wrote about the Muji cleanser in my last empties post, whoops...) 

Bioré oil cleanser// I would go so far as to say I actively hated this- I didn't get on with it at alll and it broke my skin out and hurt my eyes a lot when I tried to take my eye makeup off. In the end, I realised how many spots I was getting and decided to give up and use this just to clean my makeup brushes. Obviously that's just my skin though.

 Tonymoly bunny lip gloss// I liked this well enough- It was a cute red shade, although the cherry scent was suddenly noticeable halfway through which was a bit weird. Not really very moisturising, although better than the pink one. I've got the clinique cherry chubby stick too though, so I will stick with that for now tbh.
flatlay of empty beauty products from Japan and the UK

Bioré watery UV essence// This sunscreen was pretty good! Didn't get burned, and it was really nice to put on as it sinks right in. It did separate by the end, and I don't know if that was because of the heat or what? So I kind of mixed it back together and used up the last dregs. 

Kosé suncut 50 pa++++// I loove this sunscreen, as it also makes a great base for makeup. I think I tend to go for this one over the bioré because I am a creature of habit, and if it aint broke don't fix it. I do think sunscreen is one area that Japanese products consistently outperform British ones though- factor 50 is usually not greasy and sinks in quickly, even cheaper ones like these two. 

Max Factor red nail varnish// my friend's flatmate left this behind when she moved out in first year of uni, and I decided waste not want not, and it was really nice!! Everything you'd want in a nailvarnish- applied easily, dried quickly and gorgeous colour!

flatlay of empty beauty products from Japan and the UK

Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in fair// I liked the old version better :'( but this was ok- a lot less cover, and I didn't like the applicator, but the colour still was good on my skin tone. 

Concealer (freebie with Lovegg magazine)// Considering this was free with a Japanese magazine, this was surprisingly ok!! Not much coverage tbh but it did the job! I'm using the Maybelline Fit Me concealer now, which I really like. 

Maybelline Baby lips// I didn't really like this, sadly. Although the colour looks cute and light, it oxidises (?) and ends up a very fluorescent pink, especially if you layer it. Not very moisturising either. I'll stick with vaseline thanks. 

Heroine Make eye makeup remover// The idea of eye makeup remover in a mascara-like applicator was pretty cool, but tbh although it removed makeup ok, it was pretty pricy for a small amount of product that got like black and gross looking really quickly. I am using the bifesta eye and lip makeup remover atm and it's definitely the best eye makeup remover I've found so far in Japan. 

Ok that's it for empties for a while! I'll probably do another before I go back home to the UK.


Thursday 22 August 2019

Huge empties post #19 British, Korean and Japanese products I've used up ft Lush, Dolly Wink, Bleach London

Flatlay of empty beauty products including skincare, makeup and hair care

So I'm trying to get back into this blogging situation, despite my increasingly broken laptop </3
And what else expresses the mess that is my life than the huge bag of empty beauty products that I kept meaning to blog about but didn't get round to for like 3 months? Let's just say that work has been full on.... Anyway, on to the fun beauty stuff!


Monday 19 August 2019

OOTD- repping Galfy in Shizuoka ♡

Silver haired girl wearing denim jacket standing on a bridge at night

Silver haired girl wearing galfy t shirt on a bridge in Shizuoka at night

Shirt- Galfy
Jacket- thrift store shizuoka 
Skirt- american apparel
Bag- Wego 
Shoes- Vans

Sooo it’s been a hot minute since i posted an outfit photo, (because mostly I’ve been just wearing my work things 💔) and also my laptop has flat out broken....

and also work has been really draining.. I’ll probably blog about it at some point but :’) 
But here’s an outfit that I’ve been wearing a lot recently on my days off- this shirt from Galfy’s S/S19 collection with my american apparel skirt.

It’s such a cool piece that it really doesn’t need much else “doing” to make the outfit, but I do really want to style it with fishnets, heels and a red lip for a night out one time ❤️

How are you guys? 
I hope you’re all well 💖 thanks for sticking with me and my super erratic posting! 
I’m slightly(?) more active on instagram at the moment, so check out @candyflossoverkill if you fancy!

Check out galfy’s instagram for photos of the shoot I did with them 🐶🐶
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