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Monday 8 August 2022

My Maintenance/pamper day routine

A cup of coffee and a red bialetti moka pot on a tray. The sunlight is hitting them and you can see plants in the background

Today I thought I'd post my pamper day routine, because I love seeing other people's! This is such an 'old school' type of blog post... I miss blogging circa 2014.... 

Snooze in bed in the morning- coffee and a book, magazine or instagram in bed is my perfect lazy morning.

Then, I come downstairs and make myself another coffee probably and chug some water.

First up, I like to clean my room and chuck a load of washing on.

If I need to, I'll bleach my roots (which I do about once a month) and then I wash my hair and do a hair mask.
While I'm in the shower, I exfoliate my body, pumice stone my feet, shave my legs, and then moisturise.
I tend to try and leave the hair mask on for about half an hour, and I catch up on my blogging or read or something.
Theeen, I dry my hair and shove on some cosy loungewear <3

Once I'm done with the hair dryer, I normally stick a candle on.

Put on YouTube or something and: epilate my arms and pluck my eyebrows.
Maybe do a face masks- blackhead pore strip, sheet mask, (depending on how my skin is doing) or a face scrub/lip scrub (but not after hair removal as then the skin would be a bit sensitive).

Paint toenails
Trim my split ends/ fringe

Aaaand we're done ;)

Thanks for reading! What do you guys like to do on your pamper day? Am I high maintenance?
-Amy xoxo

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