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Tuesday 29 November 2016

I finally visited a Cat Cafe! Hogo Neko Cafe Kagishippo in Ibaraki, Osaka

Cat Cafe in Ibaraki, Japan

One of the things that Japan is pretty famous for is their cat cafes, but it took me until May to actually go to one! The cat cafe of choice was called Hogo Neko Cafe Kagishippo (保護猫カフェかぎしっぽ) in Ibaraki-shi, Osaka. It was so nice! They took in cats temporarily and got them more socialised and re-homed them, which I thought was lovely. It's a really small place, and the owner was so kind! You can tell he really loved cats. They even have their own blog introducing the cats:

The cafe a pretty small and cute place. You could sit on the floor or the sofa and play with (or just watch) the cats. There were some areas high up near the ceiling where the cats could go to avoid the customers, but over half were on the floor and said hi.We were lucky when we went because there was also a super sociable kitten called Yuki there for a few days when we were there.

Me and Yuki <3
Thanks for finding this place, Emily! Even though I'm not a cat person, I loved the cat cafe. The owner was kind, and I loved the fact that they were helping rehome the kitties. 

I'd definitely recommend visiting a cat cafe while you're in Japan! But make sure you find a cute small one like Kagishippo. :)
-Amy xoxo

Kitty heaven at Gohtokuji, Tokyo //New in Beauty: Hair Dye, Makeup and Nail varnish Collective haul// Kawaii Monster Cafe in Harajuku, Tokyo

Sunday 27 November 2016

Hair update: Pink again (with Bleach London's Rosé)

Bleach London Rosé Pink hair

So I was loving my silver hair, but a few things happened, and so I have pink hair again for a little while. When I say "a few things", I mean I didn't leave the bleach on my roots long enough last time. So I have vaguely yellow roots, and I have done my hair pink so it contrasts less with the yellow. (I'm going to leave my hair to recover for a bit before I bleach it again.) So here is my recent hair saga:


Thursday 24 November 2016

New in Beauty// Hair dye, nail varnish and makeup collective haul

There's a Superdrug right round the corner from me, and it's so dangerous! Although I try and resist as much as possible, I have picked up a few new things over the past couple of months. Treat yo' self and all that, right?


Tuesday 22 November 2016

Kyoto day- Aoi Matsuri, Kinkakuji and peeking at Daitokuji

Aoi Matsuri Kyoto

In May, my friend Anna and I went to Kyoto Imperial Palace grounds to see the Aoi Matsuri procession start. It was a super hot day, but the procession was really cool- everyone was dressed up in Heian style clothes. If you're in Kyoto around the time of the Aoi Matsuri I think it's worth a visit, although other festivals like the Tenjin Matsuri are probably more exciting (they've got fireworks guys).

Wednesday 16 November 2016

Nagaoka Tenmangu shrine, Kyoto

Nagaoka Tenmangu shrine, Kyoto

In history class in Osaka Uni, one of my teachers told me that after Nara, Nagaoka was actually the capital of Japan, but for only 10 years. It was abandoned due to famine, disease and floods supposedly caused by a curse (!) so they decided to move the capital to Kyoto. I thought that was super interesting, so I grabbed Emily and we had a really chill day visiting Nagaoka Tenmangu. 
Our aim wasn't really to sightsee though, it was just to "ぶらぶら" (to hang around and do nothing in particular).

Saturday 12 November 2016

My Christmas Wishlist

How weird that it's nearly Christmas already! I'm really excited to spend Christmas at home in the UK this year- although my Christmas in Japan was great, it just wasn't the same. I've already started wearing my Christmas jumpers, and to be honest I'll probably start decorating my room this week too. I mentioned some of the things I wanna do this autumn/winter already, and now here's my Christmas wishlist. Because nothing gets you in the festive spirit like a healthy dose of consumerism ;) This year I don't have one 'big' present I'm after, but there are a lot of things for my room, and a couple of beauty bits and clothes too.

G40 25pcs Clear Globe Bulbs Patio String Lights, 25 Feet, 3pcs Clear Bulbs Spare Replacement,Black Wire String,Christmas Gift
Globe lights// I think this would be the perfect finishing touch to my room at uni- make it look all cozy, and big bulbs would look attractive even if they weren't on.


Wednesday 2 November 2016

My fashion inspiration- UK fashion bloggers

When it comes to fashion, I have so many bloggers that inspire me a tonne! I've never done that many 'favourites' type posts, but today I wanted to share the love! I'm always really curious to see who everyone else is following, so maybe this will be cool and y'all can find some new favourites? Obviously, the images I'm using are not mine, they are from each person's blog, so please do click on the links and check them out :)

Zoe London
Zoe is one of my all time favourite bloggers at Her writing style is funny and informative, and her hair and make up skills are on point. While she's been bit more focused on her youtubelately, I still love reading her posts and find myself getting lost in her archives constantly. Although she started as a beauty blogger, the posts I always love are her fashion and lifestyle posts. So jelly of her America posts! (I also love Zoe's youtube channel- it's so creative and her editing is on point!)

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