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Thursday 19 May 2022

Empties #30 it's been a little while... Etude House / Bleach London/ SOS Serum / Emoda/ Mary Quant

Hello gang, hope you're all well! I haven't blogged (or posted much on instagram...) this whole year, and yet again, I'm back with a quick empties post. (I do have plans for more hair dye reviews and other substantial content, don't worry!)

So yeah, here are the (many) products I've used up recently along with some mini reviews: 

Empty beauty products scattered on a zebra print carpet. Some tubes are cut open to get every last bit of product out. Brands include Bleach London, Clinique, Emoda,

First set: 


Bleach Pearlescent Conditioner// You guys know I love this. Conditions and deposits a lovely pearly colour.
Bleach White Heat// I didn't want to like this, as it's just another step to get white hair. But, I actually think Bleach's White Toner + this made my hair look amazing. I'll get it again for sure. 


Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Cream// it's nice enough but I don't like the little bobbles of extra... hydration(?) in there? I'd rather it was a smooth texture. 

Clinique All About Face Face Wash// foaming face washes really don't agree with me.. this was another one I got from the Clinique advent calendar, I'm really pleased I got to try it and confirm that it's not for my skin.

SOS Serum// I heard about this brand from skincare queen Demi Colleen, and I really like these two products! The SOS Serum is a really nice light gel which calms down irritated skin and I really liked it! I bought a larger one of the SOS Serum and the SOS H2O which is a moisturiser that has SPF 30 in it. Safe to say I liked them! 

Lip Bouncer L-04// I loooved this ginger scent, and I'm a bit sad to see it go as it was a limited edition scent. You can still get the regular Lip Bouncer and the Tea with Milk scented Limited edition from last year though! (** obligatory disclaimer: I work at Mary Quant, no-one asked me to post this but I want to be totally transparent!)

Red Nail Polish// misc. from my childhood. I am trying to use up any miscellaneous bits of makeup like this, wish me luck!


Etude House Tinted Lip Balm// I bought this while I was in Shizuoka.... I think I just need to accept that I'm not a tinted lip balm person.... or maybe I just don't have luck with them? This turned BRIGHT PINK on my lips! It looked nice but it was not the work appropriate orange tint that I had bought it for. Glad to see it go as it wasn't the most hydrating. 

Mary Quant Billion Lashings Volumising Mascara Smudgeproof Ebony Black 01// (** obligatory disclaimer: I work at Mary Quant, no-one asked me to post this but I want to be totally transparent!)I LOVE this mascara. It's expensive but I think it's totally worth the price (unfortunately as it is a bit pricy.) I got so many compliments on how nice my lashes looked when I wore this and I didn't have any smudging onto my brow bone. I have quite deep set eyes so smudging is actually something I've really struggled with with other mascaras recently (e.g. the Marc Jacobs one, in the next empties... you can't buy it any more but I haaated it cos it smudged on me so badly) . 

I've bought another Billion Lashings as a backup and I'm using Action Lashings too right now- I'll let you know which one I prefer but I'm leaning towards Billion Lashings atm.

Emoda Highlight Stick// I dug every last bit of this cream highlight out because I adored it! It was a freebie with Jelly Magazine in 2019 though, so no way of getting it again as I don't think Emoda even do makeup usually? I bought the Glossier one a while ago so I will give that a go. 

Clinique Perfume mini// Another one from the Clinique advent calendar. I don't really think perfume when I think Clinique, but this was quite nice! I have lots of other perfumes on the go so I'm not going to seek this out but I was happy to try it. 

Second set: 

Empty beauty products on an orange blanket. Brands include Bleach London, Clinique, Tresémme and Mary Quant

Two different sets of empties because that's how long I haven't posted... 

Mary Quant Cleansing Massage Cream//  (** obligatory disclaimer: I work at Mary Quant, no-one asked me to post this but I want to be totally transparent!)Happy to have tried this, it's a great first cleanser. You definitely need to double cleanse after using this though. I'm trying the MQ Deep Cleansing Gel Oil next which I think might be more what I'm after. Watch out for that in my empties in a couple of months ;)

Clinique All About Clean// I really want a cleanser that will take my eye makeup off, but this sort of irritated my eyes. 

Clinique Moisture Surge Hydrating Masque// I liked this a lot, was happy to receive it in the advent calendar. I think my favourite moisture surge is the 100 hour gel one (?) I've had it a couple of times and I genuinely notice that my skin looks better the next day when I use it. There are too many different types of moisture surge and it's a bit confusing trying to find *the* one that I think works best on my skin. 

Bleach London Awkward Peach Super Cool Colour// I kept this for waaay too long before using it, and I think this because it turned my hair pink, not peach. A gorgeous pink, but it wasn't peach. Again, it's my fault for keeping it around too long- I'm actually trying not to hoard beauty and makeup so much so this type of thing can be avoided.

Mary Quant Block and Block Perfect Protection Sunscreen// My beloved. This is a little pricy compared to drugstore sunscreen but it's 100% worth it for me, it's soothing to the skin and non-sticky. I'm using this instead of importing sunscreen (mostly Kosé suncut or Bioré) from Japan like I used to. This is definitely in my top 5 MQ products (should I do a whole post on Mary Quant? Would you guys be interested? Let me know). 

Topshop Wheels On Fire Lip Liner// RIP to Topshop.... this was a nice enough colour, but it was a bit too creamy to use as a liner really so I used it as a lipstick. It was a proper bright red, I got many compliments on it!

The Inkey List Vitamin C// I didn't like this, it was too strong for my skin and it irritated my skin and also left oxidated vitamin C marks on my pillow when I used it at night. I know you can mix it which they suggest to do if it irritates you, I tried to mix it with a moisturiser but it's a hard pass from me for now on tbh. 

Nail Polishes// Again, misc. from my childhood. 

Tresémme Instant Recovery Mask// This has protein in it and I'm a bit wary of overloading my hair with protein lately. I did use this up but I'll be sticking with Bleach London for the forseeable. 

Anyone else super satisfied when they use up beauty products? I've recently been mildly obsessed with Project Pan youtube videos of people using up their makeup. Super relaxing, and the lo-fi style of a lot of the youtubers makes me nostalgic for the olden days of youtube... 

Plus, it really makes you realise how long some of these things take to use up! I'm really glad I managed to miss out on the IKEA Alex Drawers full of makeup that we were all encouraged to accumulate. And on that note, I will be doing a post on my up to date makeup collection soon! For my own future reference, if for nothing else. Quite proud of myself for not going (too) crazy and drowning myself in beauty products now that I have a disposable income ;)

Thanks for reading! 

-Amy xoxo

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