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Friday 1 July 2022

Empties #32: Bleach London, Makki, Muji etc

Empty beauty products on an orange and purple blanket. Brands include Bleach London, Makki, Tresémme and more


Bleach Reincarnation Mask// I love this, you all know I love this. I also found a tube with the teeniest bit left in it so I went ahead and used that up and I also finished another big tub.

Bleach Champagne Supertoner// I loove this creamy blonde toner, you can check out my full Bleach London Champagne Supertoner Review and Before and After for more details but safe to say I have used about 5 of these and I have a little stash of like 4 more at home, oops...

Tresémme Heat Defence// my ride or die heat protector. I'm onto a new one now. 

Bleach Hair Elixir// Again, this is the only hair oil I use- it hydrates without weighing down my hair and it smells great. Plus it's really affordable. 

Bleach Total Bleach// Used up another one of these, you know the drill. 

Makki Colouring Mask in Grey// I did a whole review on this a while ago (The Best Grey Hair Dye? Makki Colouring Mask in Grey Review and Before and After) and it was my absolute go-to in uni. Then, I couldn't have grey hair while I was working in Japan, and recently I discovered I had a teeny bit left so I thought I'd finish it. The colour was still great (I got a lot of compliments) but it was definitely a bit drying- definitely make sure you have a good hair mask on hand. I still rate it though.


Laneige Water Sleeping Mask// I got this mini to try and it was super nice! I don't need any new skincare right now but I will definitely pick it up again, it had a gel consistency and it wasn't too heavy and agreed with my skin. 

Muji Toning Water Light// I really rate the muji toners, I definitely will pick this up again although I think I prefer the high moisture version so I'll get that. 

No7 protect and perfect lip balm// this was a nice light lip balm but it wasn't my favourite. I still used it all, just wasn't for me. It dried down and left a little bit of residue on your lips, so I used it at night or made sure to not put too much on. 

3CE Lip Plumper// I used this... but I'm not sure if I like plumpers as a whole to be honest- it was a bit irritating (as that's how lip plumpers work...) but not that moisturising and it tasted nasty.


The Ordinary Concealer// This was suuuch a chore to get through! It lasted ages which was great value for money I suppose... but I didn't like it. It was thicker than my usual Maybelline fit me and I definitely prefer the fit me. I still finished this though, and it did the job. I do love The Ordinary's Serum Foundation so I was a bit disappointed in this- the Serum Foundation feels so light and weightless which was pretty much the opposite of this. I think I got 1.0N which was super pale, great for me! They've also expanded their shade range since I bought it which is good to see!! If The Ordinary ever re-formulated or came out with a thinner concealer, I'd definitely consider picking it up.

Clinique Lip Gloss// This was from my advent calendar in 2020 so I decided it was time to use this up- I'm not a huge lip gloss gal but this one was nice and not too sticky. 

Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry// This was from a gift set a while ago- unfortunately I think I'd kept it around for too long as it smelt a bit like crayons... the colour was lovely though. 

Rimmel Nail Nurse Base Coat// This did what it said on the tin, I liked it! Not much to say apart from that tbh. 

And lastly, a miscellaneous nail polish from my childhood// another thing finished! Obviously had kept this too long as it was getting on the gloopy side. But I'm pleased to be using things up and getting them out of the house! 

I hope you guys are all ok, stay tuned for the next blog post which fingers crossed will not be an empties!!!!

-Amy xoxo

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