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Friday 19 September 2014

53: pink hair and mini Bleach London review

Hi everyone~ how are we all?
I took the plunge and dyed my hair pink! 
I used Bleach London's Rose, mainly because I was a bit scared and I wanted to easily fade it out if I hated it, haha :)
So far, I quite like it :D So many people have said "it looks like Candyfloss" so I guess I finally live up to my blog name :D
after dyeing it once>>

I then used Bleach London's silver shampoo over the top, because it was super patchy and brassy in places.
I left it in pretty long though, and it left a purple tint in my hair. I then followed with the Rose pink again :) And here is the result:
So far I like it :) 
Mini review/ about Bleach London Rose: 
The reason I picked this is because I knew it would fade out quickly (in 2-10 washes) and after one wash it has already faded significantly. I would not recommend it if you are wanting a colour to last.
The only other pink dye I have tried is Directions Carnation pink, and I prefer this as you can dilute it with conditioner and one tub (which I picked up for about £4) will last a whole lot longer than this. (I dyed my hair twice and used up the whole bottle! (£5) And my hair isn't very long or thick)
I''ll probably post a picture of what it looks like faded in the next post :) but I think it fades quite nicely :)
Would I repurchase? probably not due to the expense, also as I am liking pink hair so far I think I'll choose something a little more long lasting next time.
What do you think of my pink hair? Let me know in the comments, hmm? :D
Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo


(picture off the Japan Underground blog)
Ever since the lovely Chriss (a.k.a. the girl with the best hair and also the best music taste ever!)
introduced me to CROSSFAITH on her blog, I have wanted to go SO MUCH
like, in a grumpy screaming tantrum child kind of way :')
I had to miss download due to exams as well :(
So I booked tickets!!!! for November! at Manchester Academy 2!

for the last section of my A levels, I felt too guilty to go to lives, BUT NOW IM FREE AHAHAHA I AM GOING TO UNI AND NOONE CAN TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
So one of my uni goals is to go to as many gigs as is humanly possible!

You should totally check out crossfaith if you like metalcore!!!
Their youtube channel
possibly my favourite song of theirs, snake code
but I love all their songs, so it's hard to choose a favourite!!
Do you like Crossfaith, readers? Which song is your fave?
Thanks for reading! xoxo

Wednesday 17 September 2014

51: more OOTDs

Hi guys :D
this is my last post before I go to Uni! :o
But I'll write a post on that later :)
Maybe my uni room will have better lighting? :')
Or I should get a better camera rather than my phone.....
Anyway, wish me luck!! 
But for now, here's my recent outfits :)
anyway, until next time ^^
Thanks for reading (^O^)/

Thursday 11 September 2014

50: mini primark haul and OOTD

hey :)
I have a problem with co ordinating summer outfits, I feel like everything looks more exciting with tonnes of layers and a scarf. (Winter is so much more fun, don't you think? actually, any season except summer!)
So I bought these from primark a while ago :D
And here is an OOTD with my new stuff :) 
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