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Sunday 23 June 2013

17: OOTD

Hihi, stalker-chan~
long time no dig! how are you doing?
me, I'm doing good- I just finished a massive essay for school :/

so, I broadened my horizons this week- I went 
UP NORTH (ooh, exciting!)
I went to Manchester~ (anyone from Manchester reading this, I'm so jealous, hehe) I was too impressed. 
aanyway, have an outfit post:
this was from a while back... everything else has been pretty uninspired lately...

I did my roots, but I missed a patch at the back (>///<) baka amy! 
(does this happen to anyone else, or am I the only one? :L )

also, I had been STAKING MY ENTIRE HAPPINESS on being able to go to this DEATHGAZE live which, you've guessed it, I'm not allowed to go to.......
be calm, Amy, be calm

Also... It's coming up to 6 months since SuG went on Hiatus......
(my life force is draining away.....)
My friend actually asked me if they'd broken up... *sobs quietly in corner*

look at that cute face so cute. >>>

can anyone think of anything fun  for me to do to cheer myself up?
School (and lack of SuG and  no DEATHGAZE live to give my life meaning) is getting me down :C

firstworldproblems much?

aaaanyway, see you later! I'm going to go listen to life2die and see if I can't cheer myself up <3 
ttfn ^^ xoxo


Saturday 15 June 2013

16: I went to London :D and OOTD

Hi, stalker-chans <3
How are we all? good? I sure hope so~
Here in ye olde England, we actually have some sunlight for once!!
I hope you all are having as wonderful a saturday as I am~
(I am lying around in my dressing gown and watching Great Teacher Onizuka)

so, I visited SOAS university ^^
I spent a lot of the time fangirling over the fact that Chriss went there (>////<);
It was so cool! I really want to go there! 
but, the admissions talk for Japanese studies, they said that you sometimes have to study 50-60 hours a week!?!!? WHAT!?!? 

for someone who is quite lazy (me) this was a bit of a shock....

super blurry outfit photo, hehe

 and, I took a picture of my makeup... kind of? 
*yay for rubbish lighting*

after the open day finished, I went to Camden :D
I bought Ice cream at chin chin labs- so delicious <3 If you're ever in Camden, you should go there~
I bought a spiked collar! after wanting it for sooo long
(but I have no idea when I will wear it....  )
right now, I'm going to go pretend I am Takeru in SuG's 'Fat inside horror' PV

go listen to it. It's really rather good :D

I don't live that far away from London, but I don't go there often, so I get waaay too excited over it, hehe 

aaand that's it for now~ sorry I didn't have any pretty pictures of London to show you all- I forgot to take my camera! 
until next time, ttfn \(^O^)/
p.s. if you're bored, go check out my tumblr- it has lots of pictures of street fashion and attractive males ;D

15: better picture of my kyary cosplay ^^

wassup, people?
My friend Tasha sent me a picture she took of me at MCM expo
(I'm still not over expo yet...)
so, here we go!
 as it was my second cosplay, I am still ridiculously proud of it, hehe :D
anyway, this picture is infinitely better than any of the mirror-shots I had, so I'm quite pleased with it :D
have a good weekend, guys~ 

Sunday 9 June 2013

#14: In which I attempt to dress visual kei

so, today I was listening to lots of very loud v-kei 
and none of my family was home
so I tried to do makeup
(I suck at makeup, hehe)
so here is the result! I tried to do sujimori hair from this tutorial and this tutorial
but, i think it's the sort of thing that you have to practise a lot...
and I did the makeup from this tutorial
and, it ended up sort of.... like a fluffy version.... or, not at all v-kei. nevermind. can we just call it oshare kei?

TL:DR: I did makeup. One one level, it completely sucked but I'm secretly quite proud of it :D
have a picture spam :D

this was the actual makeup

I look literally the opposite of attractive ;D
 and no, those are not cat ears- they're devil horns!!! totally!!!

aaand to finish, my obligatory 'I am a rock star with my guitar'
hey, that rhymed :D

well, I hope that was.... interesting, at least!
what did you think? con-crit, please! 

dig you later, amigos~ 


Monday 3 June 2013

13: OOTDs

howdy, stalker-chan~
today, I was left to fend for myself.... so I just made a nutritious snack of rice, tuna and mini cheddars
and no, I don't really know why I felt the need to inform you all of that
anyway, Outfit pictures:
and another picture of my ear....
I swear I am incapable of actually taking attractive pictures of me except from my ear.
This one was for shopping 
also, posing-face :D
In the background, you can see the result of my utter laziness last week: my room is a tip, hehe
< and this was a procrastination-day
I actually can't remember what I did....
someone please give me a purpose in life 
(other than Takeru-worshipping, hehe)

you can see the new tights I bought- they have a ladder in ALREADY?!?!

has anyone got tips on stopping tights laddering? 

finally, a close up of my shirt.
ponies with sunglasses. 
that's all I'm saying. 

over and out (^O^)/
I'll dig you hip cats later~

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