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Wednesday 28 August 2013

28: more OOTDs

Hello darlings~ how are we all?
Good, i hope?
I have a few outfits to share this time :3
Lately, I've felt a bit uninspired so they all kind of look the same :c
I need winter to come back!!!
And soon it's school again, so i won't be able to wear what i want anyway *sobs*
But, enough moaning, have some pictures <3

so, that's all for now~ dig you hip cats later, hm? (^O^)/ xoxo

Sunday 18 August 2013

27: APOCALYZE ordered :D

Guess which amazingly beautiful album will soon be in Amy's possession?
picture from CROSSFAITH's website
That's right, APOCALYZE by the amazing CROSSFAITH
I preordered it from Amazon the other day~
It has 12 tracks:

  1. Prelude
  2. We Are The Future
  3. Hounds Of The Apocalypse
  4. Eclipse
  5. The Evolution
  6. Scarlett
  7. Gala Hala (Burn Down The Floor)
  8. Countdown to Hell
  9. Deathwish
  10. Counting Stars
  11. Burning White
  12. Only The Wise Can Control Our Eyes

Only £10.61! And it's released in the UK on the 9th september :D
I'll be sure to blog about it~
(but it's probably going to be just random fangirling and not all that informative)
The only ones I know are Eclipse, Hounds Of The Apocalypse and We Are The Future, which they've released on their Youtube
but it looks to be a pretty good album
Do you guys like CROSSFAITH? because you should. A lot. My favourite tracks are Jagerbomb, Monolith, Snake Code and We Are The Future.
They're all exciting to listen to, especially really loudly (great way of annoying the parents, hehe) 
Anyway, that's enough from me... Go get yourselves some CROSSFAITH to listen to :D
TTFN (^O^)/

26: OOTDs from my holiday

Howdy, folks~
How is everyone's summer going?
I only have 2 weeks left of mine :c 
recently I've been too lazy to blog much.... (sorry >///<);
I seem to have spent most of my days mindlessly scrollling or crying in a corner
actually, I've been pretty sociable as well <3
so here's a few OOTDs 
both of these were lazy-ass days, hence the super-plain outfits :L

somehow the trilby makes me feel really 'fashionable' :D
badges   > 

new shirt aaah
image from because you can
never have too many pictures of L'arc~en~ciel
<this shirt. I wanted this for so long... it makes me feel like Ken from L'aruku :3

Also, I need to cut my hair. A lot. maybe by my next post, I'll have cut it? (I ordered some new scissors from Amazon yesterday) also it's gone kind of orange, hasn't it?
Soon I'll need to bleach it out for school :c

sorry, this post is all over the place, hehe :L
also, I can't seem to get it to look nice and pretty for y'all :C
next time, I'll update quicker! and make it make sense (maybe)
see you hip cats later~ xoxo


Saturday 10 August 2013

25: OOTDs and PINK HAIR?

hey, various internet pals~ 
how's it hanging?
IT'S SUMMER IN THE UK?! like, with heat and stuff..... we as a nation are like hideously unprepared for this!
so anyway, outfits:
this was from the other day:
 saw my friend tasha for a catch up~
last outfit without the PINK IN MY HAIR AAAGH.........

<<what kind of face am i making there? haha
(the outfit makes me look a little bit like a tramp.......... nevermind)
the hair looks like I have been attacked by a bunch of six year olds with highlighters........
that is the only way i can think of describing it (>///<)
I kind of like it, but I wanted it to be pastel... I have a lot to learn about hair colouring!
I used directions carnation pink and i diluted it, but.......................
next time, I need to tone my hair beforehand, hm?
maybe it will fade out a bit as I wash it? I'll keep you guys posted :D

it's also the 25th post I've done on this blog? somehow, that makes me rdiculously happy :D
I don't often stick at things, but blogging is actually pretty fun ^^ I hope that it's fun to read, too~
dig you later (^O^)/

Saturday 3 August 2013

24: NATSUYASUMI!!!!!!*

* summer holiday in Japanese
How are we all?
I'm great because I'm 
I have a summer of blissful procrastination ahead of me!
or rather, I'm going to try and make it not like that, hehe (>////<);
I'll let you know how that goes.
Probably, I'm going to spend the summer on tumblr.
but, I thought I'd share some of my summer goals with y'all

Summer goals:
  • lose weight
  • try different styles like fairy kei, rokku gyaru +visual kei that I never have the courage to make coords of
  • dye my hair pink
  • be better at blogging
  • not get a tan
  • sleep more, stress less
  • meet up with my friends more
  • less 'what if' and more 'carpe diem'
  • go to lives
  • do some more crafting
  • do more exercise
  • eat more healthily
  • make some new friends
  • go up to London more
  • get organised for next year
  • do lots of reading
  • become a guitar-samurai (practise every day)
  • listen to different music apart from SuG
  • try and avoid the inevitable SuG-hiatus related existential crisis that I seem to be having weekly at the moment
  • try and avoid existential crisises (crises?) all together
  • take more pictures and document my *fantastic adventures*
  • try and get a job
  • watch lots of asian dramas and anime
  • watch adventure time

wow, that's a lot. I suspect that the only ones that will actually get done are the 'watch anime and dramas'
TTFN~ (^O^)/


23: quick apology (ToT)

Hello, darlings~
how are we all? having a good summer?
sorry for the unannounced break from blogging..... let's just say that it was due to 'technical issues' (hours of me crying, swearing and throwing things at the computer, hehe) 
but, I got the blog back up and running <3 
I had a couple of drafts already saved, so I'm going to go ahead and post them for y'all
then I'm going to do a quick 'update' on what I've been doing these days 
(clue: not all that much)
and then, I feel the need to do some more pointless gushing about Jrockers as well <3
< maybe I'll do a post on these attractive males right there
so, that's the plan :D
see you in a bit (^O^)/
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