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Thursday 18 July 2013

22: random update and OOTDs~

Hello darlings~
I hope you're enjoying the summery sun we've all been having (clue: I'm not)
I miss wearing scarves. and long sleeves
maybe if i try hard enough to ignore it, the sun will go away? pleeeaaaase?
so, lately I've been to looaads of places like Cambridge, Brighton, Parliament 
but I didn't have a camera with me
so have some outfit pictures instead <3

 This one was for my lovely Ronnie's party- it was meant to be a megurine luka casual cosplay, but... it kind of turned pastel goth-ish?
I don't know. 
Anyway, what do you guys think of the wig? It's been a long time since I wore it, and it also got TANGLED AS FXXK. ugh.

with my cat ears I bought from MCM expo. *Nyan nyan*

 .....this one was when I went to go see my friend play the ukelele- check out her YouTube here (but she hasn't uploaded anything in aaages *sigh*

look at my hideous unstyled hair

actually, don't look

I was going to dye it pink or something for summer- what do you guys think? 

do you guys like the shirt, btw? it was only £3 from men's H&M!!


I want to fill up all the blank space in this post... 

here, have a picture of Kuina (pretty men solve all problems, hm?)

seriously, he's so pretty.

oh, oh, if you guys have a tumblr, feel free to check me out:

aaand that's it for now~ It's nearly summer holidays here in the sunny ole' UK, so I'll try to post more often, hm?
ja ne (^O^)/ xoxo


Sunday 14 July 2013


Hi all~
I've been wanting to post about music that I like for a while,
because I like to gush pointlessly about things a lot
so rather than have structure or anything, I thought I'd just leap right in there and start talking about VAMPS

why VAMPS? 
Vamps<<<<yes, please
I only found out about the tickets on the day they were being sold (the 5th) thanks to Chriss' blog post about it- I was on the bus to school so I had a very loud bitch fit over the phone to my dad
I was actually crying, (out of love for HYDE, not just because I'm an emotional wreck, ahahahha)
It has literally given me a reason to live. at least, until October the 7th when my heart may just explode.
It's been a while since I went to a live (not for want of trying on my part, sigh)
so I'm happy

actually, recently I was listening to VAMPS a lot (even before I found out about their tour) so it seems like my prayers for a good live to go to have been answered.

key points to remember about VAMPS:

  • members: L'arc~en~ciel vocalist HYDE and KAZ of oblivion dust
  • formed: 2008
  • their new single:AHEAD/REPLAY is also just out- listen to the teasers here and here
  • albums: Vamps, Beast and I think a new album called sex blood rock and roll
  • unbelievably sexy and ghkjashfawkur;dxzsj,jhsakhvbf.ea\
  • I'm going to stop there for now....
the tickets are sold out now, but if anyone else is going, see you there? (^O^)/


Thursday 11 July 2013

20: Kamenashi Kazuya appreciation post

so, I just finished watching 'Yokai Ningen Bem' and am currently crying my eyes out. a lot.
I got so emotionally invested in this Drama because Kame is so hot  because it was super well written and some of the themes of wanting to be accepted etc. really resonated with me. And, there's a movie!! ahahahahaha
(seriously though. so hot.)
I first found out about Kame through watching the drama 'Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge' and made up my mind to watch ALL OF THE KAME DRAMAS
...I'm working on it.
so far I've watched:
Nobuta wo Produce
Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge
1 Pound Gospel
maybe next I'm going to watch Tatta Hitotsu no koi?

he's taller than me, I think <3 176 cm?
(this doesn't happen that often, sadly)
idk, all i know about him is from wikipedia, hehe

but I could sit here all day fangirling (and that's probably what I will do, forget studying)
TTFN (^O^)/
(p.s.) does the font look better bold, or does it make no difference. I want to make sure that it is nice to read <3

Tuesday 2 July 2013

19: To-do lists, OOTDs and chaos

ok, I'm being slightly melodramatic now. 
But, I'm in a leetle bit of a mess (my own fault, I procrastinate too much) so much so that my last to-do list said simply 'SORT THE CHAOS.' and 'go on tumblr' (the reason for the chaos?)
I'd take a picture to show you, but, I've lost it (>///<);      so, outfits~

This was from the school fete, so it was pretty casual :D
But, I only rolled up one sleeve by accident and I got sunburnt! only on the one arm! it looks really strange :s 
 I need to stop wearing the same stuff all the time, *sigh*.
 So, I bought this shirt :D
also, I tried not using heat styling on my hair except for drying it, what do you think? (personally, I don't like it but I need to look after my poor frazzled hair, hehe)

 I wore this outfit to a music festival type thing near where I live
It was really fun :D
I wanted to look cool with this outfit, hehe
(it's kind of ruined by the fact the shirt actually says YOLO, hehe)
 I had no regrets buying this shirt. 

I hope you're all well and sparkling! Summer is nearly here, hang in there, guys!! (^O^)/


Monday 1 July 2013

18: Obligatory bloglovin post

Just a quick reminder, I'm sure that all the world and his cat must have told you now, right?
but Google reader is closing, so please follow on bloglovin <3
(I'll do a proper post soon, promise ^^ )

have this gif of Takeru so that this post looks all interesting and stuff

later, potatoes~
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