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Tuesday 17 June 2014

39: newcastle adventure!

Hi guys ^^
I went to Newcastle a few months back, and I have some pictures :)
It very rainy and horrible (typical British weather, in other words) of course, my umbrella broke and I was soaked ;_;

My OOTD, which wasn't as rain-proof as I'd hoped (sob sob) 
St Pancras International Station! Also my incredibly blurry 'exciting' photography skills :')
London Kings Cross area. London is still the coolest city, I think :)
Newcastle! So pretty!
Newcastle University! Everyone there was so friendly (maybe because I was so obviously lost, haha)
On the train back home
Back In London! 
Well, see you guys next post (^O^)/

Sunday 8 June 2014

38: OOTD festival

hiya~ how are we all?
I'm trying to blog more lately, but there's still a massive backlog of OOTDs on my phone :')
also I'm feeling not that inspired, fashion-wise lately... its probably because I haven't been on tumblr a lot...
here's some more of my recent OOTDs :)
aand a derpy selca :D 
Hope you're all having a fab day :D 
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