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Tuesday 4 September 2012

Odango hair idea~

Ok, so... Odango
as in, the small, sailor moon like buns that you wear your hair in
(sorry, bad photo :>)
here's how I do mine:
1 do two high ponytails (leave your fringe out if you have one
2 backcomb. a lot (i don't have that long hair, so I need to)
3 add dry shampoo for extra volume
4 grab all your hair from the ponytail in one hand, then fix a hairband over it
5 tug at the bun to make it as big as you like, then spray with hairspray to keep it in place
the bigher you make the buns, the more likely it is to fall out ¬¬ so be careful ^^

This style is very cute for whatever style- decora, fairy kei, toy kidz, lolita etc......

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