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Tuesday 31 July 2018

Recent haul// The Ordinary, Hawes and a plant (of course)

flatlay of the ordinary beauty products, a bengal fig, magazine and brass plant mister
Sooo I have been trying to have a little spending freeze lately... the last couple of weeks in Leeds were slightly a mess of grabbing drinks with people I don't know when I'll see again, and the summer ball, and just graduation celebration G and Ts were expensive! So after that, I've been at home and chilling (and trying to save my money for something exciting I've got planned, eeee!)
Buuut, I have picked up a few cheeky things! And I got a couple of gifts too <3

The Ordinary products and packaging
The Ordinary 100% organic cold pressed Argan Oil// I've used argan oil on my hair for.... 4 years maybe? I mentioned it in my updated bleached hair care routine, and it's honestly great. Argan oil moisturises your hair without making it too greasy and it also decreases the time it takes to dry your hair- magic. I've had a bottle on the go for a couple of years, and I'm finally getting to the end so I picked up this one from The Ordinary when I was in Shoreditch. So far: yes it is argan oil and it is good for my hair. The one I had before was definitely better value for money, but this one's packaging is nice...

The Ordinary Natural Moisturising Factors + HA// I picked this up kind of on a whim (oops) but I've heard lots of good things about it so I decided to try it out, seeing as it's only £5. So far my skin seems to agree with this- I don't think it's as amazing as my (sadly super expensive) fave Clinique Moisture Surge, but it's pretty good. This will probably pitch up in an empties post in a couple of months, so I'll do a proper review then.
picture of the ordinary beauty products, a bengal fig, magazine and brass plant mister
Bengal Fig// This was a graduation present from my super sweet friend! <3 Thank you Rachel! She is a really thoughtful gift giver, so of course she bought me a plant! I've been after a fig plant for actually ages too!

Hawes Brass Plant Mister// This is one of those 'blogger lifestyle' photo must-haves, but I actually do use a plant mister for my tropical plants! (I made my own out of an old hair mist bottle.... #studentlyfe...) So this was a really cute and spontaneous present <3 What a sweetheart.
flatlay of the ordinary beauty products, a bengal fig, magazine and brass plant mister
Also in the picture is Caffeine Magazine, a 'coffee enthusiast' magazine which was pretty intense. Like, I like a nice coffee but this magazine was on another level. Good mix of nice photography and info though, aaand it was free when I popped into Soho Grind the other day. If you see it around, it's definitely worth a read!

Hope y'all are having a good summer! Fellow Brits, I hope you survived the heatwave ok! And I've finally sat down to plan some more blog posts out, so look forward to some more posts from meeeeee <3
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

Getting ready for a big event- my graduation prep plan// empties #12 Tresemm√©, Clinique, Lush, Bleach London// I got a haircut (!!!!)// My Bleached hair care routine (updated)

Monday 16 July 2018

Getting ready for a big event- my graduation prep plan!

Bleach London and Lush products floating in the bath

It's my graduation in a couple of days, aaaahhhh! I'm totally freaking out about it, not just because it's a huge milestone, but because it's going to be selfie central and some of the pictures will probably be on the wall for aaages, so I want to look my best! I had a pretty meticulous schedule for the Japanese society Summer ball, and it worked out pretty well so I think I'll do the same again! 

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