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Wednesday 31 January 2018

The Ordinary mini haul: high adherence silicone primer and ascorbyl glucoside solution 12%

The Ordinary ascorbyl glucoside solution 12% and high adherence silicon primer

You don't need me to tell you that The Ordinary is a really hot brand right now. I've been using their serum foundation and the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% for a few months, and I'm really impressed! The Ordinary feels like a luxe brand- the products are great and the packaging is soo insta-worthy- but it's really affordable. I'd run out of my serum, so when I was in London last time, I dragged my friend to Boxpark in Shoreditch so I could pick these up. 

Monday 29 January 2018

Gigs I've got planned in 2018

girl with silver hair wearing headphones round her neck
One of my fave bloggers Avril Marie recently posted Concert dates for your diary/ Bands on tour in 2018 and it made me suuper excited to catch some shows this year. I've got a couple of really good ones planned, most of which are in Leeds!

DON BROCO//Don Broco are on fire recently, and it's safe to say I'm obsessed. I saw them at Slam Dunk North and again at their uh-mayzing Ally Pally show in November, and I'm beyond excited for their new album on Friday. There will be much actual screaming I'm sure. So of course when I heard they'd be in Leeds for their February tour I booked me and my sister some tickets!

GUITAR WOLF// This has just been announced and I haven't got tickets yet, but I'm so going to catch Japanese punk band Guitar Wolf play Leeds' Brudenell Social Club in March. They seem like they'll be a really fun band to see live- can't wait.

THE AQUABATS!/ BOWLING FOR SOUP// Not gonna lie, I like BFS, but I am screaming in excitement for the Aquabats. Their TV series (which is for kids but sssshhh) is a firm favourite of mine- it's kind of super sentai inspired, and it's so funny and weird. Their music is also really cool- it's this upbeat ska-pop punk fusion which is right up my alley. My sister Lizzie is coming up north in February, and we're gonna see this in Manchester on the Thursday and then Broco on the Saturday. It's gonna be amaze.

Fizzy Blood// I missed Fizzy Blood playing in Leeds twice now (essay deadline and xmas eve) and I reckon they'll be a really fun show. So I'm going to see them in Headrow House, and I'm going alone. I'm still not 100% used to going to gigs on my own, but it's definitely something I want to get more comfortable with. Any tips?

Slam Dunk North// Slam Dunk North 2017 was the best- I managed to see faves Crossfaith and Don Broco, as well as Deaf Havana, Neck Deep and Bury Tomorrow, and I'm going to go back this year for sure- this year I only have a couple of exams, and it's in Leeds so I really have no excuse. If Crossfaith could come back and do a set that's more than 6 songs long that would be great.

Download// I've never been to Download before and it's actually getting ridiculous. My girls Babymetal are playing, so even if I only go for that day, I've told myself I'm definitely going as a little graduation present to myself.

Thanks for reading!
Have you guys got any gigs planned in 2018?
-Amy xoxo

Slam Dunk North 2017// Post exams Bleach London Haul// Barely there pink hair with DIY pink shampoo

p.s. I wrote an article about podcasts for Leeds university's Lippy magazine- check it out! 8 Podcast recommendations for people who don't know where to start

Wednesday 24 January 2018

Post-exams Bleach London haul

Bleach London products flatlay

Exams are over!!! Superdrug recently started stocking Bleach London, so of course when I needed a post-exam pick me up I headed straight into Leeds to take a look. As regular readers surely know by now, I'm a teeny bit obsessed with Bleach- their branding is gorgeous, and the products aren't too expensive but they do really work for me. Bonus for their products being vegan and cruelty free and using recycled plastic and cardboard packaging. 


Wednesday 17 January 2018

Empties # 8// Bleach London, MAC, Lee Stafford and more

Empties Bleach London Mac Lee Stafford
Long time no empties! Over the last couple of months I've used up a fair few items, so in today's post as usual I'll be writing some mini reviews. This round of empties include some items I loved and am pretty sad to have finished, like my Lee Stafford silver shampoo and my mini Bayliss and Harding shower gel.

Sunday 14 January 2018

What I wear to uni// Vintage jumper and fishnets

vintage grunge ootd

Leeds uni has loads of amazing brutalist architecture, and I really wanted to take advantage of it and do some more casual, Japanese street-style inspired photoshoots here. This one was actually taken near the library, which is kind of fitting because I'm in final year now, and the pressure of final year plus dissertation has sort of precipitated an existential crisis on my part (that's why posts have been pretty slow around here lately... sorry). But yeah, definitely look forward to some more brutalist architecture featuring in my posts (if I can convince my boyfriend to take some more pictures of me that is). 

Saturday 6 January 2018

Hair update: Barely there pink with DIY pink shampoo

finnDIY pink shampoo resultWhenever I have pink hair I miss my grey hair, and whenever I have grey I miss the pink. So for the Christmas holidays this year I decided to go somewhere in between. This time I decided to try making a pink toned shampoo instead of just diluting the dye with conditioner like I would usually do. The result was this super pale pink- it will definitely fade out of my hair in time for an upcoming job interview, but if you're after a brighter and longer lasting colour then the normal dye plus conditioner method is probably a better bet.

In Japan, I used to make my own DIY silver shampoo, and this was basically the same method: mixing hair dye with white shampoo. Very simple. 

You will need: 

White shampoo
Pink hair dye
Mixing bowl/ container 

Add small amounts of pink hair dye (I think I used just over a teaspoon's worth in the end) until the shampoo is a bright pink. Then wash your hair, using the pink shampoo instead of a regular shampoo. If you want the colour to take a bit more, try leaving it for a bit longer. And then rinse and condition as usual. Simple.

Although the result of this is suuuper subtle compared to using Carnation Pink in conditioner, I really liked it- it satisfied my pink craving for a while and went over my silver hair really nicely. And no stains :)

Thanks for reading! 
Have you ever tried pink shampoo? Or tried making your own? 
-Amy xoxo


Tuesday 2 January 2018

Radio Silence// Life lately

coffee and cake

So things have been a bit quiet round here on the blog, and that's basically because final year of university is slightly a nightmare.

My uni course plus dissertation stress, plus job hunting and *what do I do with my life* existential crises, and wanting to enjoy my last year of student life but feeling guilty if I do anything except studying has left me really anxious and burnt out. Ugh.

So sorry for not posting lately. I definitely left it too long- I normally post every week at least, and because I was away for so long it left me a bit nervous about starting back again. I did really miss it though. I'm happy to report that I've got some new blog content lined up: my hair dye reviews were pretty successful last year, so I hope to make some more of those (and did I ever mention that the how to dye your hair grey video I did on a whim has somehow got 2.2k views on youtube?!! Crazy.) I've got some other ideas for posts, and I definitely am going to carry on working on my photography too. I also really want to start making some Japanese content (but I'll talk blog goals and new years' resolutions in another post soon).

Although there's been radio silence over here on the blog, I have been out to Leeds a little: I've tried a couple of new coffee shops (and I'm planning to do a little roundup post on the blog soon) and seen friends :) I've also been back home for the Christmas holidays and it's been really nice to spend some more time with the family.

But anyway, enough about me, how are you guys? I hope you all had a successful and happy 2017, and have a great year in 2018!!! <3

Also if you wanna stay up to date, (at least if you want selfies and pictures of what tea or coffee I'm drinking...) make sure to follow me on instagram @candyflossoverkill

Bleach London Fade to Grey Toner: review and before and after// London OOTD ft. vintage and charity shop finds//  I went to Bleach Berwick Street and bought more stuff: Bleach Haul #2//
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