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Thursday 30 August 2012

Another outfit dump

This time, I am going to try and post my more recent outfits, inspired by creepy cute, kodona ad prince kei :3
Tell me what you think

 from my holiday in 'sunny' cornwall...

 I went to Bluewater this day

trying out a couple of creepy cute things I made recently

 I have this massive 'ahoge' ( a piece of hair that flicks up in an annoying way in anime/manga, used to show someone who is stupid. Italy from Hetalia has one.) in this photo....

 I went to Chartwell this day~ ( a big old house)

(turns out I didnt need sunglasses as it chucked down with rain...)

aaand yeah.....

hello again

I seem to be neglecting this blog...
aanyway, outfit dump~ Let's go!
firstly, this is when I had to dress up as a ninja for holiday club, hehe

 chopsticks in my hair and everything :3

 it was too fun!
although, I kind of hate small kids now ><
Let me explain: holiday club was a church organised group for small kids that i volunteered to help with (why??)

We ended up so tired ><

Aanyway, that's about it for now~
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Saturday 18 August 2012


Here's some of my outfits from recently~

Any ConCrit, let me know~



Hello, the Internet~

So yeah
This is Amy (or Mrs Takeshi Miyamoto, It's up to you~)
Hopefully I will improve at this blogging lark, haha~
My tumblr is here, I will probably be a lot more active on that
I will probably blog about: My life (when I have one...) Japanese fashion, Bands I like, Outfit posts, maybe a couple of tutorials, we will see~
Let's be friends~
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