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Friday 31 May 2013

12: haul post~

hey kids~
today I decided to make a haul post~ 
I'm actually pretty excited, hehe
added to this is the fact that all I have to do is throw a bunch of pictures at y'all and run away
(what a dedicated blogger I am)
 this is all of it :D I hate to think how much money I spent on it all together~
added to the fact that I bought all of this within about a week
im so broke

 this is all stuff I ordered from Ebay~ I wrote about it a couple of posts back :D

panda bags from here: they were super cheap (only £10!) and just... how could I not? it seems sturdy, but sadly isn't quite big enough to use for school. Still, I'm sure I will find plenty of use for it ^^ 
the glasses I'd been wanting for literally years, and for £1.68, why not? 
the clips I was a little worried about, as they were so cheap- £1.30 for a pair? I had nothing to worry about, as they're just perfect <3 So far, they've pretty much not left my hair, hehe

I bought all of this from Bluewater the other day~ 
fake DMs, sparkly socks, suspender-tights (for 50p, yesssss)
literally my two favourite things, all on one handy dandy sweater from River Island 

lastly, here's the stuff I bought from MCM expo
I always go in there like 'this time, I won't buy anything' and come out with no money.... sigh....
I spent a stupid amount on kawaii fluffy things and sweets, as you can see, but I also feel victorious in that I got a new L'arc~en~ciel CD from JPU and those banana choco sweets from sushi noms they are too addictive. seriously. save yourself the heartache and never try them. 
lastly, look at the Arpakarsso I bought!!!
I called him Nathaniel
it made sense to me

blimey, this post actually ended up being really wordy....
I shall end it here :D
say bye bye to nathaniel-chan~

Thursday 30 May 2013

11: MCM expo report :D

why howdy, stalker-chan <3
It's half term, my room is messy, I just finished the big exams of doom and I'm still way tired after expo, so, now is the time for:


um, I mean, writing a super-informative blog post for y'all....really....

so: I went to expo :D
it was fun 
(really, I could just end the post there, couldn't I?)
I COSPLAYED?!?!?! as  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu <3
but, as per usual, the only pictures I have are both super ugly and super-blurry TTnTT
One day, I need to do some kind of photoshoot? maybe? 
anyway, have these:

cat ears because expo ^

I'm so super proud of myself, hehe
If you haven't been to expo and you come from the UK, go!!! 
but I'm pretty sure that literally every anime fan from the whole of the UK came :D
so many people... 

but they were all so lovely :D
I met my friend Ronnie again- we did a cosplay harlem shake :D
 also the lovely Chriss and Finlay (I fangirled so much, hehe)

Finlay- how photogenic is she?

sorry if I creeped anyone out >///<
I bought a lot of stuff, but I'm probably going to save that for another post :D
ah, I'm not good at this blogging lark, hmm? 
but anyway, ciao for now~


Tuesday 28 May 2013

hello again, chums and chummettes~

how are we all? <3
the other day I went to see

Star trek: into darkness
I went to go celebrate the end of my big massive exams of doom
so I should be a bit more active online. not making any promises though. my procrastination skills are legendary.
aaah it was so good feelings assafdjsa;g\nkljre;\znlj'
definitely go see it if you haven't already~

this is what I wore: 
it's just what I wore to school but ne'ermindey

also, I would like to add
what is this fringe?!?
so long...
don't know whether to just keep straightening it to be 'round' (sort of like juria) or to just bite the bullet and cut it. inner turmoil!

I also went to see 'the Great Gatsby' without knowing a thing about it. Like, I thought a gatsby was a sailing race, or something.....
but still, it ended up being a good film. I got a bit too attatched to Leonardo DiCaprio though >///<'

<this is what I wore~ 

 (as usual, the only attractive picture I have is of my ear...)

I've been wearing my hair like this a lot lately to show off my ears (I got a second hole pierced)

aaanyway, I'm off to write a post about MCM EXPO :D
it will probably be all fangirling and 'look at this pretty picture'

I'm not sorry
ttfn, stalker-chan :D

Wednesday 15 May 2013

some outfits I've forgotten to post on here~

(i haven't done this in a, 8 months....
actually though, mostly I wear really boring school 'business-clothes'
most of these are literally nearly a year old, so don't judge too harshly, neh?
aaand, incase you've stopped caring by the time you scroll to the bottom (I know I would)
here's a link to my Tumblr where you will find many photos of Takeru and Japanese fashion
You know you want to....
until next time, folks <3

< p.s, I like to think that I'm much more attractive now (I bleached my hair and stuff), and I will spam you with my face another time as well~ Kudos for you if you're actually reading this, hehe
ciao for now xoxo

Sunday 12 May 2013

Ebay things~

Hi, the internet!
I'm trying to be better at blogging, really! but, nothing really interesting happens in my life....
So, I'm just going to talk about some stuff I bought on Ebay~


let's try again...
my birthday was the other week so I got some money~ 
I found this CD for only £18!! so lucky! and, as it was from Scotland it arrived really quickly
It has 18 tracks on it and a DVD with the PV for Dot.0 and a 'making of' feature (which I haven't actually watched yet (for shame!!) as my Dad is always watching Top Gear
(and the fact that I'm meant to be revising for upcoming MAJOR TESTS OF DEATH!?!)  aaaaah, sweet procrastination....

so yeah, that is that.....

I ordered some other things as well:
lots of it was incredibly cheap, so much so that I worry about the quality...
but, I'll worry about that later, hehe
and I'll post some real pictures when I get them~
if you want the exact place where I bought them, give me a shout, neh?
In other news...
I re-bleached my roots? (I told you nothing interesting happens in my life)
I spent that crying over life, and how pointless it is while SuG is on hiatus.....
chin up, me!! my secret hope is that they'll come out of hiatus with a world tour
and I will go
and me and Takeru will get married and live happily ever after

do you like SuG? 
TTFN, guys~
back to revision....... TT^TT

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