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Friday 5 March 2021

Bleach London Champagne Supertoner// Review and before and after

My bleached blonde hair after I'd applied Bleach London's Champagne Super Toner- it's a light creamy blonde and I was really pleased

Now I've got a proper job that pays proper money, I have slightly more disposable income so could justify buying this toner from Bleach London (by no means is it expensive, I was just super broke last year....) TLDR I really liked it even though it's only a subtle difference to my usual colour. 

I tried it a couple of months ago, and I've tried it again this month so I thought I'd do a good old mini review: 


This is £9, so it's not breaking the bank but it is another expense on top of buying bleach.


girl with bleached blonde hair, vintage shirt and bucket hat. The photo is of my bleached hair before applying champagne supertoner

I had pretty much white hair, with some light yellowish roots (and a band of orange staining from Directions tangerine......)


My freshly bleached roots before applying bleach london champagne super toner. They're pretty yellow tbh

My bleached hair and freshly bleached yellowish roots with Champagne Super Toner applied

I applied it to the roots and then smooshed it all over my hair- it's quite a runny consistency so fairly easy to apply and rub into the hair- no complaints here. 


My bleached blonde hair after I'd applied Bleach London's Champagne Super Toner- it's a light creamy blonde and I was really pleased
This is the result- a creamy blonde that's slightly warmer than what I usually go for. My hair felt really soft and nice too :)
My bleached hair after using Champagne Super Toner by Bleach London- it's a light creamy blonde


This was such a subtle colour I'm not entirely sure how long it lasted, but it seemed to be gone after a few washes. This pic below is from the week later, maybe 3 washes later (?) and it's already faded a bit (but also it looks even lighter in the morning light...)

Bleach London super toner on bleached hair after about one week and three washes. It's faded a bit already so is an even lighter blonde

Here is my hair a month later and it's definitely all faded:

My hair a month after using Champagne Super Toner- it's completely faded back to platinum white blonde with no staining

(It was just after Dorian Electra's Gentleman/M'lady had come out if you're wondering.

Did it stain my hair//

No- it was so light and pretty sure it washed out after a few washes. (?) 

In conclusion//

It is a little bit pricy for a subtle change in tone, but I did get a lot of compliments and have actually bought this again so I obviously liked it. So, safe to say I liked it. I do think you need really light bleached hair to start with though!

Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo

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