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Wednesday 18 December 2013

30: Bring Me The Horizon and Pierce The Veil live 6.11.13

hey kids~

***another super fangirl-y post coming up***

it's been over a month since I saw Bring Me The Horizon live (and I still haven't posted this for so long, eep!I promise I'll get back to more regular blogging soon!)
they played the O2 academy brixton as part of their crooked young world tour
It was super amazing!
I'd never been to a live with so many people there (Brixton has a capacity of 5,000 I think) so it was a leetle scary at first!
First was a Canadian band called sights and sounds
they were ok, but the vocals were very quiet so I couldn't really hear it that well :c
I didn't get any pictures either
Then it was Pierce the Veil :D they were so good! they played:

Bulls in the Bronx
May these noises startle you in your sleep tonight
Hell Above
Bulletproof Love
Hold On Till May
A Match Into Water
Stained Glass Eyes and Colorful Tears
King For A Day

hold on till may was super emotional, but I think my favourite is still caraphernalia 

 and then... BMTH! 
Omg, it was fabulous!
I haven't been to a live of a heavy band like BMTH before so I kind of didn't know what to expect... it didn't help that people kept telling me 'Omg BMTH fans are really vicious, you will die' 
but in the end it was fine :) more than fine, actually! it was fab~ the only problem was, I got separated from my boyfriend and our friends really early on ;_; we were pulled apart by the crowd 
I panicked a bit trying to find him (so many guys there with the same hairstyle, srsly) but then i thought to myself I should just enjoy it and not worry 
the set list was: 

can you feel my heart
shadow moses
diamonds aren't forever
the house of wolves
go to hell for heaven's sake
and the snakes start to sing
empire (let them sing)
it never ends
chelsea smile
blessed with a curse

it was all so good! I want to go back ;_;
antivist was totally insane!! and Oli was shouting stuff like 'if you break a bone, you won't have to go into school' and 'kill kill kill' ... ... 
I now understand why people are scared of BMTH. 
apart from that, another stand out for me was go to hell for heavens sake, which was the first BMTH song I ever heard 
also, Oli is so northern! I want a northern accent so badly! also, I only got like half a picture because my phone camera is bad and I was really far back 
So I just gave up in the end.... anyway, enjoy these blurry pictures :D

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