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Friday 19 September 2014

53: pink hair and mini Bleach London review

Hi everyone~ how are we all?
I took the plunge and dyed my hair pink! 
I used Bleach London's Rose, mainly because I was a bit scared and I wanted to easily fade it out if I hated it, haha :)
So far, I quite like it :D So many people have said "it looks like Candyfloss" so I guess I finally live up to my blog name :D
after dyeing it once>>

I then used Bleach London's silver shampoo over the top, because it was super patchy and brassy in places.
I left it in pretty long though, and it left a purple tint in my hair. I then followed with the Rose pink again :) And here is the result:
So far I like it :) 
Mini review/ about Bleach London Rose: 
The reason I picked this is because I knew it would fade out quickly (in 2-10 washes) and after one wash it has already faded significantly. I would not recommend it if you are wanting a colour to last.
The only other pink dye I have tried is Directions Carnation pink, and I prefer this as you can dilute it with conditioner and one tub (which I picked up for about £4) will last a whole lot longer than this. (I dyed my hair twice and used up the whole bottle! (£5) And my hair isn't very long or thick)
I''ll probably post a picture of what it looks like faded in the next post :) but I think it fades quite nicely :)
Would I repurchase? probably not due to the expense, also as I am liking pink hair so far I think I'll choose something a little more long lasting next time.
What do you think of my pink hair? Let me know in the comments, hmm? :D
Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo

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