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Thursday 29 January 2015

69: Crossfaith and Coldrain concert report: Manchester Academy 2 24/11/14

*fangirl alert*
So I love Crossfaith. A lot.
I have been wanting to see them for a few years now, but this time I COULD GO! (because I am in uni and no one can tell me what to do, haha)
I had very high expectations for this gig, and I was not disappointed

If you get the chance, go!!
Support wise, there were Cytota, (who I unfortunately missed because I was too far back in the queue) Silent Screams
Crossfaith and coldrain in one night ahhh!
Coldrain were really good, even though they were on 2nd after Cytota, everyone got super into it!
Here, have some horrendously blurry photos xD

Then, after Silent Screams (who were good, but I didn't take any photos) was Crossfaith themselves!
Every song they played, I got more excited! Seriously, every song was so energetic, just like on their albums! Ones that stood out to me were Jagerbomb (the first Crossfaith song I ever heard) and Madness, their newest single.
Here are the photos I took :D

While people were doing a wall of death, I managed to sneak through to like the 3rd row!! Lucky! 

Terefumi Tamano (the programmer) managed to climb up on top of the huge speakers, in case you can't tell~

And to top it all off, I managed to meet Masato (Coldrain's vocalist) at the end! AAHHH
(But I was too shy to say any Japanese... gahh)


Do you guys know Crossfaith and Coldrain?
Check them out! 

Thanks for reading! 
-Amy (^O^)/

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