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Thursday 16 April 2015

79: accidental silver hair and OOTDs

Sooo, I bleached my hair...
It didn't work as well as usual (I'm talking orange roots, serious problem...)
So I used silver shampoo to try and take the orange out 
I used Bleach London's silver shampoo on the roots, and left it on for around 15-20 minutes because I  desperately wanted the orange to come out ^^ In the end, I was left with yellow-ish roots (which I had to wait a week and then re-bleach... sigh) and this silverish tint to my hair :)
It washed out pretty quickly, but it was fun :D 
I quite like silver hair, although it seems to highlight how red my face gets....
anyway, have some silver hair selfies and OOTDs <3  


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