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Monday 16 July 2018

Getting ready for a big event- my graduation prep plan!

Bleach London and Lush products floating in the bath

It's my graduation in a couple of days, aaaahhhh! I'm totally freaking out about it, not just because it's a huge milestone, but because it's going to be selfie central and some of the pictures will probably be on the wall for aaages, so I want to look my best! I had a pretty meticulous schedule for the Japanese society Summer ball, and it worked out pretty well so I think I'll do the same again! 

4 days before

Make sure to get into a good routine of sleep and drinking lots of water! 
Clay mask
Bleach London and Lush products floating in the bath

2 days before

Hair mask

The day before

Don't eat any food that will cause bloating
Nose pore strip
Pluck eyebrows
Epilate arms
Paint nails
Sleep! At least 9 hours

Bleach London and Lush products floating in the bath

On the day

silver shampoo/ colour top up
Hair mask
pumice stone feet

Rinse and style hair

Light some candles
Clinique moisture surge face mask

Do makeup <3

What do you do to prepare for a big event/ going out? How about how to emotionally prepare? I am v freaking out so any tips would be appreciated! Also, congrats to anyone else graduating this year <3 <3
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo


  1. Congratulations on gradutating! (The typo is deliberate; when me and my pals were graduating we coped with our nerves by calling it "gradutation" all day; getting the giggles every time kind of took the pressure off for us all and reminded us to have fun on the day.) I look forward to seeing what you have planned now you're done with uni over the next few months. Also, as a longtime reader of your blog, I've been inspired by your posts to try - really try - to keep some plants alive, as I've always had an awful track record of killing anything green in my flat. Do you think you could do a plant general post about how you keep your leafy friends alive? Especially succulents, I'm a sucker for fashion but have always really enjoyed their geometric shapes; I've got an Aloe Artista and a Crassula Ovata cheap from IKEA so at least I won't have wasted much if they do die. Also, pots! Any tips for picking up nice pots on the cheap to put the little brown plastic ones inside? Thanks and congrats again!

    1. Thank you <3 Gradutation! I'm keeping that one, ahaha xD
      Omg I can deeefinitely do a post about plants! I'm no expert and I've certainly killed a few plants (may they rest in peace), but I can round up some tips/ where I buy my plants/ my favourite plant books in a post soon :D Ikea do some really nice plants actually, don't they! I hope I can help in some small way <3


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