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Sunday 9 December 2018

Massive empties ♡ products I've used up #16 ft Lush, Bleach London, Jerome Russel, Rimmel etc.

flatlay of empty beauty products including bleach London, Lush, Kosé etc.
I’ve fiiinally moved back to Japan, and I've started work, eek! Before I left, I was using up things and trying not to leave anything wasted, and I was home for longer than expected I managed to use up most of these things :) So here’s a rundown of my empties and some mini reviews!

Lush Bb seaweed// I posted about this a couple of weeks ago: New in: Lush BB seaweed fresh face mask, but now I’ve finished it I can say I definitely liked it. It wasn’t very glam looking with all the seaweed bits in and I don’t like having only a month to finish the whole thing but I did see a difference in my skin after using this- it made my skin look bright and smooth. I could do with this again tbh as my skin has not been happy lately. For now, I've decided to try a different mask that lasts a bit longer- Lush's Magnaminty.

Lush bubblegum lip scrub// I’ve had this for years and years and I’ve finally used it up! No bad things to say about it! Although I might try making my own for a bit, I might go pick up a new one of these as a treat though- a good scrub is perfect in winter for when your lips get all dry and flaky. Plus it’s a guilt free “treat yo self” purchase because one pot lasts like a million years. I think I might get a different scent next time :)

Rose shampoo// I wrote a whole review post on this one: Pink hair with Lush's Rosé pink shampoo: review and before and after tldr I think it's pretty good, depending on what you want to use it for. Go read the post for more info- it's pretty detailed.

Tresemme conditioner// no complaints, this one does it’s job well. V good at making damaged hair sleek and less tangly. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve repurchased this.

Dirty works body lotion// This might have been a bit old but the smell... it was very strong- nice at first but then I was a bit over it. I think I’m getting pickier about strongly scented products actually.

Kosé suncut// This is my favourite sunscreen, will definitely be buying it again soon. It’s 50pa ++++ and also works as a primer. Sunscreen is one of the things I’d definitely recommend a Japanese brand - a lot of them are realy good, even cheaper ones like this. Tbh buying an imported Japanese drugstore sunscreen is still cheaper than buying an actually nice non greasy one in the UK.

Kosé vitamin c brightening sheet masks// I forgot to take a picture of these! They weren't quite my favourite sheet masks I’ve ever tried, but pretty good! I’d solidly recommend the box of 30 as they’re great value for money- especially when you’re importing stuff from abroad- I use one or two a week, and have been doing them with friends and my mum as well (doing sheet masks with someone who's never done a sheet mask before is great fun!)

Simple eye cream// this was the first eye cream I’ve ever bought (getting old now innit) but it was pretty good (??) I liked the tube packaging because it feels more hygenic than a little jar. If anyone knows any cheap-but-still-ok eye creams, I’m in the market for one... I’m using a Clinique one I got as a present at xmas and am feeling pretty spoiled~ but that's nearly finished, so I have to start the search here in Japan!

Lush karma solid perfume// I bought this for £9 in february- ish, and I’ve used it maybe every other day?? I’d really recommend solid perfume for travelling and it’s also cheaper than a lot of expensive perfume (my “signature scent” is Guerlain so this is a lot cheaper!!) aaand I love the Karma scent :) so it's a win all around really :) I’ll definitely buy another of these, but I'm holding off until my salary comes!
flatlay of empty beauty products including bleach London, Lush, Kosé etc.
Sure stick deodorant// a super boring one but again, great for travelling- I’ve already got another of these ready for Japan :) stick deodorant takes longer to dry buut I think it really does work so :) I put it on, and then do my makeup in my dressing gown while it's drying, and I've not had any marks or anything. Also one stick lasts way longer than a spray, so it’s better value for money too. Give it a try, especially if you're off travelling!

Bleach London reincarnation mask// you’ve all heard me go on about this before- great hair mask, enough said.

Bleach London live forever shampoo// I got this in the bundle I bought for my birthday, and it was fun to try :) I’ve got light hair so I don’t reeeally need to worry about colour fading, but this shampoo lathered nicely, smelled good and did the job without being damaging or drying. The live forever conditioner wasn’t great- nowhere as rich as I need from a shampoo. This shampoo was all right though (quite expensive though tbh I usually get tresemme). I’m using the beer protein one rn and I think I prefer that to be honest.

Lush charity pot// love this scent as ever, and I've got another teeny one for the first bit of my time in Japan because I’m starting work so definitely deserve a fancy cream situation.

Rimmel clear skin powder// cheap and cheerful, hate the packaging but love the powder. If you travel with this/ have it in your bag I recommend filling the empty space in with a big powder puff or some cotton pads, otherwise it will smash into loads of tiny pieces. The plastic lid is also prone to cracking :') I actually smashed mine, so I decanted a bit into a little tin and took that around in my bag instead of taking this packaging- less likely to spill.

Majolica Majorca Majolook palette in br788 // I loooved this palette, and I’ve used up the two lightest colours- perfect for everyday. The eyeshadow is really buttery and applies so well considering it wasn’t that expensive, (in Japan anyway- I imported it so ended up paying over a tenner but considering I’ve used it every day for over a year I’m not cross tbh) I’m so glad I bought it and I’d totally get it again. For now I’ll use the gold from my Estee Lauder palette 💖 and my etude house eye primer instead of the lighter two colours. I’ve actually popped the two darker browns out of the palette (pretty painless to do) and put them in my bleach byo palette (bleach's z palette) so nothing’s wasted :))

Rimmel eyeliner in white// I use white eyeliner in my waterline everyday to make my eyes look bigger so I do get through them. This one is my go-to because it’s only £3 and it just works.

Bleach silver shampoo// the only silver shampoo. It’s v pigmented so I always dilute it a bit with normal shampoo, and don’t use it every time I wash my hair (or I try not to anyway) because silver shampoo can be drying, but this is such a staple. I took another one of these, along with a smoky shampoo, to Japan. It was heavy but worth it, as they will probably last me a good few months. If I use them up, I want to try Calatas' Purple shampoo.

Jerome russel Bblonde bleach sachets// normally I get a big bucket of bleach powder from a salon supply store, but this had 4 sachets in and was perfect for the last few months in the UK. Wasn’t too expensive either :))

Lush happy hippy shower gel// I’ve got a teeny bit of this left but I’m taking it to Japan in a smaller bottle. This scent is citrus and fresh, perfect for morning showerers like me :) I know lush shower gels are pricy but I’m a huge fan of them- they do last longer than cheap stuff and they smell divine and not all chemical-y. Lush can be pricy but the soap, shower gel and that solid perfume are probably the best value for money as they last the longest :) now they just need to bring back beautiful....
flatlay of empty beauty products including bleach London, Lush, Kosé etc.

Nivea creme// This cream is suuuuper thick, and to be honest it takes a while to sink in and leaves white marks on my bedsheets if I'm not careful. I decided to just use it as a foot cream and put socks on over the top so it's less messy. 

Estee Lauder Youth Dew body cream// V luxurious but a bit overpowering scent, and a very nice moisturising cream. I got this as a present, and obvs it's a bit out of my price range so I can't go buying this often, but it was lovely to try. 

Simple toner// I love this toner- it's not too expensive and does what it says on the tin.

Bleach Old Blue Last// My hair was absolutely crying out for a protein treatment, so I bought another old blue last. It works, but I think it's probably better value for money to buy something like the Beer protein mask or Philip Kingsley's Elasticiser, so I'll try that next I think, as £6 for a 10ml product, even if it's a great product, feels slightly obscene.

Phew, I'm tired after writing all that!! From now on, I'll still be doing empties posts but there will be some Japanese products mixed in too ♡ Stay tuned ♡
-Amy xoxo

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