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Thursday 24 January 2019

Japan beauty haul ♡ ft my ride or die products ft Muji, Kosé, hadabisei

Japanese beauty products flatlay

So I've been in Japan for just over a month, and while I haven't had much time for tourism, I haaave had time for some shopping! I've been pretty restrained to be honest, and stuck to *essential* beauty items, so here's a roundup of all the things I bought:

Muji face soap//
I don't reallly like foaming cleansers tbh- they're more of a pain than the cream one I use back home, but sadly I didn't have enough weight in my suitcase to take the cream cleanser with me ;-;
so I bought this mini foaming cleanser from Muji. It's actually pretty nice and agrees with my skin, so I think I'll stick with it and buy the large version.

Muji Toning water// Nice toner, does what it says on the tin, no complaints. Also I loove Muji's packaging, so I'm definitely getting the full sized version of this when it runs out.

Muji handcream// This smells amaaazing and is pretty moisturising- smells slightly of lavender. I love Muji basically so I'll keep using this. You can buy Muji miniatures in Family Mart which is slightly a life saver.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty/ Power mask// I heard great things about this mask and tbh I do really like it- it's a clay mask and scrub in one, and it really does make my skin look and feel fresher. Japanese aircon is no joke, so I've really needed this lately.

Lush Karma solid perfume// The Lush solid perfumes are great value for money as they last a really long time, plus they're so convenient for travel. I used up a whole pot of this, so I re purchased it as a payday treat ♡ I have a guerlain little black dress perfume that I absoolutely love, but can't really afford to replace atm so I'll be sticking with Karma for now.

Bioderma micellar water// foaming cleansers make my eyes really sting so I use this micellar water to get my eye makeup off. It's pricy and it makes me miss the garnier micellar water I use back at home (which is pretty much just as good for like 1/3 the price...) but this one is v nice. A bit of a treat but an essential for me tbh. I saw the large bottle for 2000 yen in Donki the other day, so I'll probably get that next time as it's way better value for money.
Japanese beauty products flatlay

Kosé suncut// I forgot to put this in the flatlay but I'm obsessed with this sunscreen. I had to search surprisingly hard for this (I hope it's not being discontinued) so I might have to start trying some other Japanese sunscreens, but this one is great. 5th or 6th bottle of this I've used. The sun is surprisingly strong even in the winter here on a clear day, so I have to be extra careful of my skin.

Hadabisei shinsou bihaku face masks// I loove these masks, I think you really see a difference the day after you use them. I bought these while I was in the UK, but it's so lovely to be able to get a pack of 5 for only 600 yen.

The Body Shop berry shower gel and hand cream// I got this as a Christmas present from my friend <3 They both smelt amazing- especially the hand cream, which lasted a really long time.

Hair Essentials 30 second treatment// Really recommend this hair mask for anyone with bleached hair, it's amazing. Pretty affordable too! I got this 300ml large version at Matsumoto Kiyoshi, and I've almost used it all up! Got another one in stock though, because I can't deal with the thought of running out.

Johnson's Body Cream// Cheap and cheerful but really moisturising and sinks in really quickly. It's not fancy or luxurious in terms of scent, but it does the job.

John Masters hand cream// I got this as a present too, and it smells amazing- of lemon and ginger. It's a bit pricy so I probably wouldn't buy it for myself unless as a treat, so I'm lucky that my friend gave this to me <3

That's it for now! Do you guys have any favourite Japanese or Asian beauty products? I'm trying to be restrained, buuut SPINNS has 3CE lipsticks in stock and I can't stop thinking about it...
-Amy xoxo

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