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Thursday 22 August 2019

Huge empties post #19 British, Korean and Japanese products I've used up ft Lush, Dolly Wink, Bleach London

Flatlay of empty beauty products including skincare, makeup and hair care

So I'm trying to get back into this blogging situation, despite my increasingly broken laptop </3
And what else expresses the mess that is my life than the huge bag of empty beauty products that I kept meaning to blog about but didn't get round to for like 3 months? Let's just say that work has been full on.... Anyway, on to the fun beauty stuff!

Hair Stuff// 

Hair Essentials 30 second hair mask// I've mentioned this a few times before, I found it three years ago and it's perfect so I keep sticking with it. Pretty cheap, big and is super moisturising. And yeah, I've got through two because it's been a few months since my last empties post. 

Bleach London Silver shampoo// I love this silver shampoo. You know this already. Quite blue tinted and v pigmented so I tend to mix a teeny bit with a white shampoo. I've bought the Calatas silver shampoo to try and I don't like it as much because it's more green- tinted.

Ancels Color Butter// I'm going to do a proper review post on this, so for now let's just say that I'm not entirely mad on it. Lovely and moisturing, and a big tub, but it's pretty pricy and fades quickly. 


Simple Clay mask// I really liked this- it's pretty cheap, does the job and it's simple so I can always be preetty sure my skin will agree with it. Will buy again when I'm back in the UK at some point probably.

Clinique eye cream// super lush present, I'm not an expert on eye cream but this one sunk in super quickly, felt really nice and lasted a long time, so I was v pleased. 

Lush Mask of Magnaminty// I really like this clay mask too- it's a bit pricier than the simple one but smells amazing and has exfoliating bits in too (all natural ofc, no microbeads here). Smells minty and fresh and I got the self preserving one which lasts a decent amount of time. Bought another one to use while I'm here in JP :)

Muji 洗顔ミルク face soap// decent foaming cleanser that doesn't break my skin out. Do not let it get in your eyes though, it hurts :') Muji's skincare is always a solid shout though. 

Flatlay of empty beauty products including skincare, makeup and hair care


Clinique kohl eye liner// decent black eye pencil- easy to smudge but also doesn't wander halfway down my face by the end of the day. I liked this, and I actually had another one as a present so :)

Tony Moly gloss bunny stick in pink// this was a really cute colour- the perfect peachy pink! Might end up picking this up again, because other baby pink lip balms I have tried recently ended up being really weirdly pigmented. (looking at you Maybelline baby lips) Although this one is not very moisturising tbh. 

Dolly Wink eyeliner// I love this, this was maybe my 4th one and I've got another one I'm using now. Super easy to do a winged eyeliner, and lasts pretty well, although it's not waterproof so is super easy to take off but does slightly sweat off in summer. 

Burts Bees lip balm// gorgeous deep raspberry colour, and slightly minty feeling. I really liked it, especially as it was only £1!

Clinique chubby stick in Super Strawberry // another present <3 This was such a nice easy red lip- a bit less full on than like my matte ones, but still a bit glam. Really liked this :)

Etude House play eye base// This sparkly peachy beige is a nice eye base, and I also used it as a cream highlight. It was v cute! 

Hand Creams// 

Muji Seaweed Hand Cream// Smells lush and is lovely and moisturising, will definitely pick this up again. 

John Masters Organic hand cream// this was luxe and suuch a lovely present, but unfortunately didn't agree with my sensitive hands in winter! (My hands get pretty scaly and painful if I'm not careful in winter) So I used this in summer, and it was lovely. The smell is incredible.

E45 hand cream// Just what I need in winter- E45 is so moisturising and just a safe bet! Not very 'glam' but cheap and does such a good job. 
Flatlay of empty beauty products including skincare, makeup and hair care

Shower Gel//

L'Occitane shower gel// This was from my boyfriend, he came to stay and left this with me when he left. Smells amazing and really sexy! L'Occitane is gorgeous and you only need a teeny bit.

Lush Avocado Wash// I'm such a Lush shower gel gal, and when I saw this limited edition avo one, I couldn't resist! It's quite a sweet scent, but it was nice and lasted a long time. 

That's iiit! I actually have a whole other empties post (it haas been a couple of months since my last one) but I'll try and space it out with some other content, like some of the photos of Japan I've taken recently! I've just realised that the Barry M nail varnish I talked about last empties is in the photos, and the packaging of the heroine make eye makeup remover is in there too for some reason, but I'll be talking about that next empties, so stay tuned!

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