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Wednesday 29 January 2020

Bleach London Bold As Brass// review and before and after

Bleach London bold as brass hair dye bottle on a leaf patterned background

Back with another hair dye review- this time was one I'd been wanting to try for ages and to be honest, it was a bit of a disappointment. Long time readers will know how much of a Bleach London fan I am, and I saw some of their instagrams using it and it was a gorgeous creamy brass colour. I picked it up recently, and decided to use it when I had suuuper yellow roots so they would be less obvious while I waited in between bleaches.


It's £6.50 for a 150ml bottle, so not cheap. I only used about 2/3 of a bottle, but my hair is quite short and quite thin so if you have thick or long hair you'd probs need two.

my white blonde hair before applying the dye


My hair was mostly white blonde but the roots were very yellow as I'd only bleached them once and they didn't quite lift to the ideal custard yellow to white base.


Super easy, just chuck it on 'smoosh' it in and leave it for half an hour. Tbh because it turned out so light on my hair I might even try leaving it on longer.
Bleach London Bold As Brass on white hair results


My yellow roots turned out kinda orange, and it subtly tinted the rest of my hair. I got several compliments from my family, but tbh it wasn't *that* different.

Did it stain my hair/ how did it fade?//

Didn't stain my hair at all, and after a couple of washes (using Bleach's live forever shampoo, with a little dab of silver shampoo on the aforementioned yellow roots.. ) my hair just looks bleach blonde again. So, a little bit underwhelming.
Bleach London bold as brass after washing three times


Wouldn't really bother with this again, considering that it's £7 per bottle and it fades so quickly. If I want to get my hair creamy blonde, I might try a proper toner next (maybe even Bleach's champagne super toner...) . I'd love to know if anyone has had success with this- please let me know!

Edited to add: It's not on the Bleach website as of 23rd January 2023, so maybe they are reformulating it or maybe they've retired it? Either way, I would definitely go for Bleach's Champagne Supertoner (£9) or the Just Like Honey Super Cool Colour (£7) instead of this if you do see it as I've had great results with both of those. 


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