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Tuesday 11 February 2020

Bleach Outlet Sale Haul// what I bought myself for christmas

Bleach London products including shampoo, eyeshadow, lip kit and palette

So just after Christmas, Bleach had a huuuge outlet sale and there were crazy good deals, so I grabbed myself some gooodies <3 Was super happy that they sent it with royal mail and in eco friendly packaging. It did take forever to come, about 10 days, and unfortunately there was something out of stock again, but overall I'm v happy with what I got so I thought I'd do an old-fashioned haul post :)

Live Forever Shampoo// At £1.50 (!) in the sale, I couldn't resist this. It's just a nice smelling shampoo. I only ordered one, but I receieved two! I like the shampoo a lot, so thanks Bleach <3 (or thanks whoever packed two in by accident)

Bold As Brass// This was the only thing I paid full price for, and tbh I wasn't wowed. I wrote a Bold As Brass review post if you wanna read, but tldr it was verrry subtle and washed out in two washes, so I wouldn't get it again tbh. 

Matt Le Blanc lip kit// I ordered Rosé, and it was sold out so they refunded me the sale price of £3 and put this one in 'as a goodwill gesture' which was lovely! Sadly it doesn't suit me at all, but it was nice of them to put it in. It's so light though- almost to a scene concealer lips level... 

Bleach London products including shampoo, eyeshadow, lip kit and palette

Red glitter eyeshadow// not something I'll wear on the regular, but it was in the sale and fun so I thought I might as well!

BYO palette, large// This is normally £10, but was in the sale for £2.50!! I have the small version of this palette, and I use it for all my go to makeup- it travels with me when I go away and it's just super handy. I'd got loads of magnetic eyeshadow in Jelly magazine just before I left Japan and they only came with a teen travel palette, so I got this to put them in. I think the design is simple and stylish and I was going to get this full price so I'm glad I snagged it in the sale. I'll also be using this with non-magnetic eyeshadows which I just stick in with blu tack bc I am a pleb.

That's it for this haul- and hopefully that's that for a while, although I'll probs do a haul post on all the skincare I bought when I came back home to the UK, because I basically had to buy my whole skincare routine again. Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo


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