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Monday 20 September 2021

Empties #27 Mary Quant// Clinique // Bleach London // Lush


Empty products from brands including Clinique, Mary Quant, Bleach London and Lush

It's that time again.. It's empties o clock!


Bleach London Total Bleach x 2// I'm having good results with this recently so I keep using it. Nothing else to say : )

Bleach London White Toner// I think I left it on too long for *my* hair- I left it the full processing time and ended up with some greenish bluish tones (that washed out thankfully). I think I needed to do just the roots with this cos they were the yellow bits. TBH I just want to go to the hairdresser for a colour corrector.

Bleach Beer Hair Mask// Love this- atm I'm alternating between this and reincarnation mask instead of conditioner, and my hair seems pretty happy :)

Bleach Live Forever Shampoo// I like this a lot! I'm back on the Tresemmé at the moment because you get a lot more shampoo for your money, but I'd pick this up again for sure. I think this was actually my third or fourth bottle of this shampoo. 


Mary Quant Misty Jet// I've always thought facial sprays were a bit of an extravagance, but I do get staff discount on MQ products (Disclosure: I do work at Mary Quant- I haven't been paid/told to write this blog post but obviously I *am* paid by MQ to do my job...) So I tried it, and I really liked it! This one's super moisturising and really makes my skin look and feel nice. I am already halfway through another bottle of this. Sadly it's been discontinued but we have a nice tropical scented one that I want to try next time :)

Mary Quant Block & Block Perfect Protection// I'm super pale and need a super high SPF or I burn. Block & Block was renewed this year which is exciting- it's still nice and moisturising and sinks into the skin well, but it might be a little thicker than the old formula. B&B also blocks pollution and pollen from irritating your face, and calms inflammation which is a big plus! My skin definitely looks better when I commit to wearing SPF every day.
Empty products from brands including Clinique, Mary Quant, Bleach London and Lush

Lush Don't look at Me mask// I got this because, it's blue and I thought it'd be fun but I did really like it :) I wouldn't run to get this one again because the use by date for the lush fresh face masks slightly stresses me out, but I love lush's self-preserving masks like Magnaminty

Glossier Priming Moisturiser// This was meh to the point of bad for me- it didn't agree with the skin on my face (too heavy). I LOVED the priming moisturizer balance though- that one's more of a gel moisturiser. I actually used this to moisturise my body instead to use it up because it was making my face unhappy.

Bioré Aqua Rich Sunscreen// This was one of my go-to Japanese drugstore sunscreens, but I think I'd kept this too long- it had quite a strong alcohol scent... I still used it up on my arms and legs. When I've tried this before it's nice- I prefer Kosé suncut (or the MQ Block and Block if we're being fancy...) though but this is reasonable and a nice texture usually. I'd recommend trying Japanese sunscreen if all you're used to is drugstore brands from the UK. 

Clinique moisture surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate// This was nice and made my skin feel good like the normal moisture surge, but it had little bits in it (almost like little popping boba?) so I prefer the normal moisture surge. 

Muji Highly Moisturising Toner// I looove this and I think my skin does too! I know the opinion's divided on toners, but I like using it tbh. 

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly// Whichever lip balms I try, I always end up preferring Vaseline. A classic for a reason tbh. 

Germolene// I put this on spots etc. And I still have distressingly many spots despite being in my mid twenties now......


Boots Royal Jelly bath and shower creme// this was fairly cheap but it was soo moisturising! I'm usually a Lush gal but I'd get this again for sure.

Clinique hand cream// I got this in the advent calender, and it was nice! I wouldn't not get it again, but for now I'm happier with cheaper hand creams 
Zuqqun hand cream// My friend Lizzie got this for me from Japan, thank you! It was cute and light and had a nice scent :)

Lush Karma Solid Perfume// I love the Lush solid perfumes- great for travel or popping in your bag! Karma is my fave lush scent- this was my second solid perfume of Karma and I'll definitely pick up another because they're so reasonable and convenient!


Models Own Nail Polish in Toxic Apple// I've finally finished this after about 8 years... the colour was amazing neon green, but you needed a million coats and it chipped off so fast. I am told that neons are hard to formulate though.

Thanks for reading! I hope you guys are all taking care, and for those in the northern hemisphere, HAPPY AUTUMN! I am very excited for jumper weather again! 
-Love Amy xoxo


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