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Tuesday 2 July 2013

19: To-do lists, OOTDs and chaos

ok, I'm being slightly melodramatic now. 
But, I'm in a leetle bit of a mess (my own fault, I procrastinate too much) so much so that my last to-do list said simply 'SORT THE CHAOS.' and 'go on tumblr' (the reason for the chaos?)
I'd take a picture to show you, but, I've lost it (>///<);      so, outfits~

This was from the school fete, so it was pretty casual :D
But, I only rolled up one sleeve by accident and I got sunburnt! only on the one arm! it looks really strange :s 
 I need to stop wearing the same stuff all the time, *sigh*.
 So, I bought this shirt :D
also, I tried not using heat styling on my hair except for drying it, what do you think? (personally, I don't like it but I need to look after my poor frazzled hair, hehe)

 I wore this outfit to a music festival type thing near where I live
It was really fun :D
I wanted to look cool with this outfit, hehe
(it's kind of ruined by the fact the shirt actually says YOLO, hehe)
 I had no regrets buying this shirt. 

I hope you're all well and sparkling! Summer is nearly here, hang in there, guys!! (^O^)/


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