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Thursday 18 July 2013

22: random update and OOTDs~

Hello darlings~
I hope you're enjoying the summery sun we've all been having (clue: I'm not)
I miss wearing scarves. and long sleeves
maybe if i try hard enough to ignore it, the sun will go away? pleeeaaaase?
so, lately I've been to looaads of places like Cambridge, Brighton, Parliament 
but I didn't have a camera with me
so have some outfit pictures instead <3

 This one was for my lovely Ronnie's party- it was meant to be a megurine luka casual cosplay, but... it kind of turned pastel goth-ish?
I don't know. 
Anyway, what do you guys think of the wig? It's been a long time since I wore it, and it also got TANGLED AS FXXK. ugh.

with my cat ears I bought from MCM expo. *Nyan nyan*

 .....this one was when I went to go see my friend play the ukelele- check out her YouTube here (but she hasn't uploaded anything in aaages *sigh*

look at my hideous unstyled hair

actually, don't look

I was going to dye it pink or something for summer- what do you guys think? 

do you guys like the shirt, btw? it was only £3 from men's H&M!!


I want to fill up all the blank space in this post... 

here, have a picture of Kuina (pretty men solve all problems, hm?)

seriously, he's so pretty.

oh, oh, if you guys have a tumblr, feel free to check me out:

aaand that's it for now~ It's nearly summer holidays here in the sunny ole' UK, so I'll try to post more often, hm?
ja ne (^O^)/ xoxo


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