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Wednesday 27 May 2015

#90: Treat yo' self: 13 ways to give yourself a little boost in exam season

It's exam season, and everyone in school/ uni is probably a bit down...
Exams or not, it's always great to give yourself some pampering, right?♡
Here are some ideas for some quick pick me ups

1: Blueberries/ a healthy treat 

2: fancy tea/ coffee (my favourite at the moment is Twinings' 'green tea with mango and lychee')

3: A lay in ♡

4: Face mask/beauty treatments

5: Great smelling bath stuff

6: New mugs

7: New stationery

8: Flowers (feels so grown up, hehe) 

9: Try replacing some stuff you use every day with shiny new nicer versions (like bedding)

10: Purse and bag (my purse was soo beaten up before I replaced it)

11: Exchange a letter with someone so you have something to look forward to receiving in the post ^O^ 
(Or just order a mini present online^^)

12: new underwear! It gives you more self confidence when your underwear is nice~

13: And finally, the obvious: chocolate
But don't overdo it ne?  ^^;;

Finally, to all of you who have exams: best of luck! <3

Thanks for reading~
-Amy xoxo



  1. I don't have exams anymore but these are great tips for anytime! I'm just sad we don't have a bath at our house so I can't use awesome bath products anymore. Baths are so relaxing! I really should do #11, I've been meaning to for a while ^_^

    { }

  2. I miss baths so much ;-; showers just aren't the same, are they?


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