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Wednesday 24 June 2015

97: CDs I've picked up lately: SuG, Nirvana, David Bowie, Ramones

Hey guys ☆〜(ゝ。∂)
I haven't blogged about music much lately... Mostly because I haven't seen any lives since November.... Not happy Amy. However, I've picked up some CDs lately ^^ 
I always forget how awesome physical CDs are~ 

So, the first CD I picked up was SuG's new album, 'Black'
I bought this from Amazon for about £20, making this the priciest album I've bought for a while ^^;; but it was worth every penny ♡ for me the stand out tracks are 'SOS', 'dead or dead' and of course their singles 'B.A.B.Y.' and 'sweetoxic' 
It's no secret I love SuG, and their latest offering does not disappoint in any way ♡
I'd recommend this to anyone ♡
Here's the music video for 'B.A.B.Y.', go check them out ♡

My friend Tasha got me 'Bleach' by Nirvana
I had 'nevermind' before and I'm always listening to it, so I asked for another of their albums ^^ it's so great ♡ the version I got also includes recordings of a live they did, which is great~
standout songs for me include 'negative creep', 'Swap meet' and 'Blew'
Nirvana's earlier stuff is well worth checking out ^^ it's not all just 'smells like teen spirit' (which is still an awesome song though)
I can't find this album on their Vevo YouTube channel, so here's my favourite from their most famous album, Nevermind, 'Lithium' 

I found 'Ziggy stardust' by David Bowie in a charity shop for just £4, score ^^ 

This includes some of my favourite songs of his, like 'starman', 'ziggy stardust' and 'suffragette city'. 
But also some I hadn't heard before. Standout tracks for me -that I hadn't heard before- include 'you better hang on to yourself' and 'lady stardust'.
Here's a link to 'ziggy stardust', if you haven't heard Bowie before ^^

I bought Ramones greatest hits album the other day~
I'd never properly listened to Ramones before a few weeks ago, and I got hooked to their catchy songs ^^ I picked up this album for £6 in HMV (proving that sometimes it's cheaper to buy a physical copy than the digital one.... Although as somewhat of a technophobe, I'm bound to say that ^^;;)
My favourites so far from this album are 'do you remember rock and roll radio', 'pinhead' and 'I wanna be your boyfriend'.
(I can't find an official-type YouTube channel, so no link unfortunately. However, I super recommend you check out the Ramones ^^

What music have you guys been listening to lately? 
Thanks for reading ♡
-Amy xoxo


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