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Friday 1 January 2016

2016 New Year's Resolutions

Horyuji, Japanese temple, Nara
First of all, Happy New Year!
2016 is the year that I will become a 20 something soon, so I want to sort my life out this year. Diptyque candles and lush baths, here I come, right?

Anyway, here are my New Year's resolutions:
  1. Travel more!  I've been really bitten by the travel bug since I've moved to Japan. This year I am determined to get to Tohoku and Shikoku at least, and I want to use as many chances to travel as possible. I'm gonna book myself some weekends away in spring, but in winter I want to explore Kansai and the area around me more.
  2. Save money mostly so I can travel and fulfil the other things on this list. I've been lucky enough to get a scholarship this year, but I want to make it count and not waste it on stuff I don't need
  3. Go to gigs and festivals 2015 was a huge failure in that I didn't go to any gigs. This needs to change ASAP
  4. Blog more
  5. Get better at photography especially while I have such gorgeous things to photograph
  6. Improve my handwriting it looks like a train wreck at the moment, no exaggeration
  7. Eat healthier and drink more water I was so good at this last year in Leeds, and I've fallen off the train a little here. 
  8. Sleep to 7.30 am because no sleep makes me grumpy
  9. Reply to messages more quickly
  10. Get back into a routine with studying that's why I'm here, after all.
  11. Pass JLPT N2 or at least N3 N3 is what I need to get back into Leeds next year, but I'd love to be able to stretch myself and get the level above, N2.
  12. Be more honest and upfront rather than being passive aggressive and sulking, I want to sort out any problems I have head on.
  13. Get an 'excellent' grade from Leeds for my year abroad
  14. Pass all of my Osaka classes
  15. Be happier!
Phew, that's a list and a half, I'm tired just from looking at it. Wish me luck on achieving them. 

I hope you all achieve your resolutions and have a fantastic 2016!
Thanks for reading~
-Amy xoxo

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