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Sunday 17 January 2016

Hikone Castle trip

Hikone CastleBack in late November (I'm so behind, I know) I went to the super cute Hikone on a trip. 
Compared to Himeji castle, which I had just visited, it was much smaller, and a lot less crowded. If you want to visit a Japanese castle, then my recommendation so far would probably be Hikone. It's so teeny and adorable. 

How to get there
Hikone was a fair way from Osaka, but you can get the Tokkyuu (special express) from JR Osaka for 2000 yen and just over an hour each way. There is also a JR Kansai day ticket which you can use on any JR train in Kansai (except the Shinkansen I presume). That's around 2,300 for foreign tourists(bargain) but for Japanese people or exchange students like myself it was 3,500 I think.

Anyway, enough about trains, lets talk about what there I did in Hikone:

First up is Hikone Castle
Hikone Castle, Momiji
It's so cute, I can't get over it.  Hikone castle is one of the few castles in Japan that hasn't been completely rebuilt, a lot of them caught on fire or were destroyed during the warring states period.
It was only 600 yen entry to Hikone castle and the garden, well worth it!
I went in Momiji season so everything was extra sparkly.
Hikone Castle

There was a great view from the castle of Hikone and Lake Biwa too:
You can get into the Genkyuen garden with the castle ticket:
Genkyuen garden

Really calming strolling garden.
It was looking good in Momiji season.

We got lunch in a super tasty Okonomiyaki place on Castle road, they added so much cheese, it was amazing.

I bought some socks with Hikone's mascot "Hikonyan". Hikonyan is up there with Kumamon the bear in terms of Yuru-kyara (mascot) popularity.

We also made a quick stop to see Osaka Castle as we had the JR Kansai day ticket. Compared to Hikone, it's huge! I want to go back again in the day time and go inside and check out the view of Osaka, apparently it's pretty good. Although, Osaka Castle is modern inside so it will be a totally different experience. 

Osaka Castle

Thanks for reading,
see you next time~
-Amy xoxo

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