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Sunday 27 November 2016

Hair update: Pink again (with Bleach London's Rosé)

Bleach London Rosé Pink hair

So I was loving my silver hair, but a few things happened, and so I have pink hair again for a little while. When I say "a few things", I mean I didn't leave the bleach on my roots long enough last time. So I have vaguely yellow roots, and I have done my hair pink so it contrasts less with the yellow. (I'm going to leave my hair to recover for a bit before I bleach it again.) So here is my recent hair saga:

I actually first had decided to cover the yellow roots with awkward peach, but I washed it with silver shampoo (no I don't know why either... I should have used a normal shampoo) and I got this light pink colour:

I then tried to tone the roots a couple of days later, (with the Colour Freedom White blonde toner I mentioned in my recent beauty haul) I ran it through the rest of my hair too while I was at it and I ended up with this light pink/purple/silver (?) colour, but still super yellow roots.
I think it's actually an all right toner, but my roots were super dark so it toned my hair but couldn;t get rid of the super yellow roots. It left my hair feeling amazing though! 

So I then decided to go for it with the pink and went all out:

Bleach London Rosé pastel Pink hair

Bleach London Rosé Pink hair

The dye I used was Bleach London Rosé: I keep going back to it because look at that gorgeous colour! Also the fact that it washes out fairly easily suits my indecisive nature :') It's not very nourishing on my hair though, sadly.

As you can see, the dye didn't take to the (still yellowish) roots very well, but I've brought in the big guns (the Wella T18 toner) and I'm going to try and tone my roots one more time to see if I can avoid bleaching it. Wish me luck :)

Phew... even though it was by accident, I'm still really liking the pink hair back for a change. But I think silver/white hair might suit me better? What do you guys think?
-Amy xoxo

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