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Wednesday 2 November 2016

My fashion inspiration- UK fashion bloggers

When it comes to fashion, I have so many bloggers that inspire me a tonne! I've never done that many 'favourites' type posts, but today I wanted to share the love! I'm always really curious to see who everyone else is following, so maybe this will be cool and y'all can find some new favourites? Obviously, the images I'm using are not mine, they are from each person's blog, so please do click on the links and check them out :)

Zoe London
Zoe is one of my all time favourite bloggers at Her writing style is funny and informative, and her hair and make up skills are on point. While she's been bit more focused on her youtubelately, I still love reading her posts and find myself getting lost in her archives constantly. Although she started as a beauty blogger, the posts I always love are her fashion and lifestyle posts. So jelly of her America posts! (I also love Zoe's youtube channel- it's so creative and her editing is on point!)

British Mermaid
Cara's style is so awesome!  She always seems to find really unique quirky pieces, and it's because of her I'm starting to seriously obsess over brands like Lazy Oaf and Skinny Dip London! Cara has also talked about really important topics like mental health too, which is so important but really takes guts to do, so I respect this so much. Plus, she's an absolute sweetheart.

Fringe. Goals. A self proclaimed lover of "90s fashion, rock music and all things Kawaii", Peaches' style is amazing! Also, she's a photographer, which means that all of her blog photography is on point- like her recent California posts, but also just her outfit photos in general.

Amy Valentine
Amy's style is more grunge/ rock inspired and just exudes a 'too cool for you' vibe. She's gorgeous, always has the best rings and jewellery, and her music taste is great. She also has a youtube, full of hauls and vlogs to make you intensely jelly, and v inspired fashion-wise.

Kayla Hadlington
Kayla's blog and instagram feed are pastel heaven, as is her hair. She always seems to pick up the most gorgeous pieces from charity shops. Her style is also super versatile: although she does a lot of kawaii pastel outfits, she also does a lot of darker/ rockier outfits too. Here's her youtube ^^

Ellen Atlanta
Ellen's style is so amazing, I love how she styles up tonnes of pastel pieces, and black, with that gorgeous silver/lilac hair. She hasn't been so active recently, because she's got a job with WAH nails, and she's still studying too, but her style is amazing so I'd definitely recommend checking out her archives or her instagram.

Salt and Chic//
Amy's style is soooo gorgeous, and she just won 'best fashion blog' of the Bloggers blog awards- so proud of that! Her blog is a mix of fashion, lifestyle and travel posts. And serious hair envy! It's making me miss my ginger hair from a few years ago... But Amy's is so coppery and beautiful, ugh. Salt and chic youtube

Lizzie Bee
Out of this list, Lizzie is probably the one I've been following the longest- since the tumblr days. I looove Gyaru style, and Lizzie has done a lot of Agejo/ himekaji outfits, and I also love the more rokku inspired style she's been doing lately :D She's also done lots of posts on how to get Gyaru style abroad, which are super helpful. She's a sweetheart too! I'd really recommend checking out her blog, especially if you're into Japanese fashion (^O^)/

How do you guys like to keep up with your favourite bloggers? Bloglovin? Instagram? Or just go straight to their blog? I hope you enjoyed me gushing about these guys, and maybe you even found a new favourite? :) I wanna make this a regular thing, because I follow so many super cool people.
Also, if you have any blog recommendations, let me know ok? <3
-Amy xoxo

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  1. Oh my gosh thank you so much for including me! You are such a cutie <3

    I love keeping up with mine by reading their blogs, but some of my fashion inspirations like Kinashen only have an Instagram so I have been using that a lot lately. Thanks for all of these fashion inspos! I've been lacking inspiration lately...

    Lizzie Bee //

    1. I love your style so of course I included you <3 and instagram is fun, but I miss the tumblr days tbh ^^ And yeah I've been feeling a bit lacking in inspiration too lately. I think I've just been wearing the same pieces over and over again ^^; I need to go shopping asap :)


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