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Monday 11 September 2017

Autumn vibes collective haul// Lush, The Ordinary, plants etc,

autumn vibes collective haul
Cliché as it is, I loooove autumn, so without even realising it most of the things I've bought recently have tended to be cozy and perfect for autumn, like tea and candles. Fellow autumn lovers, read on!
autumn collective haul


Lush metamorphosis bath bomb

Lush Metamorphasis bath bomb// I was drawn to this because of the black pepper smell- it smells so comforting and autumn-y. I'm definitely guilty of only buying Lush bath bombs as presents for others, rather than for myself, so it was nice to treat myself too! When I was in London the other day, they were also giving out free bath bombs (!!!) which was super lovely <3 (I gave it away, but it was a black jelly one, pretty cool!) Although this one smells amazing, unfortunately there was no glitter and the colours are quite muted, so I wouldn't rate it quite as high as favourites like intergalactic. I looove the scent though! I'd love a body lotion or something like that with this scent.
 haul candles, the ordinary foundation and serum and bluebird tea co.
The ordinary Ascorbyl Glucoside solution 12%// The ordinary has like 5 different types of vitamin C solutions, so I asked the one of the staff in Covent Garden (who were super friendly and helpful) which one I should use for skin brightening, and she recommended this. It was only like £8, and I've heard rave reviews, so I'm really excited.

The ordinary colours serum foundation pale neutral// I'm really happy with this because it's light-ish coverage and looks really natural, it was pretty affordable (roughly £6) aaand it's pale enough for me!! They have different undertones for each skin tone, and a pretty decent colour range- they have 21 different shades. The packaging of this is a lightweight plastic which will be good for travelling too.
The ordinary bag: inside reads "you look so pretty today"
Also side note: The ordinary's packaging is so on point! A couple of the staff in Pop Boutique and Lush saw my bag and were like "Oooooh what did you buy??" and were really excited, haha. The Ordinary is definitely a hot brand right now, and I'd definitely recommend nipping to their Covent Garden store where their staff can help you with their somewhat confusing skincare range.

autumn haul
Nylon magazine// I managed to find Nylon magazine to buy in person! Magazines are definitely having a little resurgence at the moment- the magazine section in Victoria has got bigger since the last time I went in a few months ago, and now it's full of gorgeous titles like i-D, Nylon, Wallpaper and tonnes more. I definitely prefer Nylon Japan (not that I'm biased or anything) but it was really cool to be able to just walk into WH Smith in Victoria and pick this up!


I also got some new members for the plant gang!

oxalis plant
Oxalis// this was a present from my mum's friend, so kind of her! My family has an oxalis in the kitchen and I've been obsessing over it for months, so I'm happy to have a little oxalis pal of my own!

opuntia cactus
Opuntia// This was only £2 (!) from B&Q, so of course I had to pick one up, especially as the opuntia I bought from Urban Outfitters a while ago doesn't seem to be doing too well... (I recently had my first traumatic encounter with mealy bugs... something that strikes fear into the heart of any house plant fan).

candles and pothos plant
Aroma world Fresh linen candle// This sold me with it's stylish amber glass packaging and soothing fresh linen scent so when I found out it was only £1 from B&Q, I couldn't resist! I've been burning it pretty constantly over the last few days, and sadly I think I'm nearing the end of it's burn time, but I'll use the glass to put one of my plants in so I'm happy.

Shore ceramic candle with lid// another candle, oops. This was a present from my Dad, and it's a really nice fresh scent. It's a huuuge candle, so you really need to make sure you burn it for a long time to make sure it burns well. It throws it's scent really well though. It has a little wooden lid too, which is quite cute.
autumn collective haul oxalis candles

Bluebird Tea co.// 

Bluebird tea co. banana bread chai and banana bread

This month's tea subscription contained autumn teas!! I got Treacle Sponge, Choc it Rock it and my favourite of the bunch: Banana Bread Chai :) It's soo comforting and perfect for when the weather starts to get a little grey. Anyway, I'm still obsessed with Bluebird tea co.

collective haul toriko pusheen the ordinary
Pusheen socks// I followed Pusheen on tumblr back in the day, and it's so cool seeing it grow to this huge brand. These socks were from Primark, and are especially pleasing because pastels and dinosaur pusheen!!

Cactus paper clips// Lizzie bought me these from TKMaxx as a present and it was perfect because a) I'm obsessed with cacti and b) did I mention I love cacti?. Needless to say, these get an A+ from me.

Toriko Volume 2// another present from Lizzie, she found volume 2 of Toriko, a super nonsensical and fun Shounen Jump manga about adventure and gathering the best gourmet ingredients (which is usually dangerous and monsterous and you know the drill).

That's it for now! I keep telling myself I need to calm down with shopping, but I'm definitely coveting some new stationery for a new academic year... do you guys get that urge for a stationery haul every september? Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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