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Sunday 8 October 2017

I went to Bleach Berwick street and bought more stuff// Bleach haul #2

Bleach London haul: Zine, BYO palette, eyeshadow brush and louder powder
As regular readers will know, I'm a Bleach London fan- their silver shampoo is my absolute favourite and I've dabbled with a good few of their hair dyes now. After my first Bleach Berwick street haul, I went back again! I think I was quite restrained actually... although I had been planning on buying more of their products, a couple of things like the alex-plex were sold out (I'll just have to go back again when things are back in stock, or I could hit up their website or cult beauty).

I bought Bleach's Build Your Own eyeshadow palette (because it was super aesthetically pleasing basically) and one of their eyeshadows, along with an eyeshadow brush.

Bleach Berwick street
I'm no makeup expert, but I'm really pleased with the eyeshadow I picked up- it's a reddish brown and it's easy to make a grungy, casual eye look. I normally apply just a little bit with the smudger brush, and then either do a winged liner or smudge in some matte brown. It was £3.50 for one eyeshadow (which I think is pretty good tbh), and although it's matte I haven't found it to be too chalky or to have loads of fallout. That being said though, I'm no beauty expert and I don't have many high end things to compare it to. Of course being Bleach, all the packaging and the actual products' design is gorgeous. Bleach have loads of amazing daring colours to choose from- I'd love to try the yellow some time- but also have a lot of 'safer' options if you want to dip your toe in like I did.

The eyeshadow brush I picked up is also really nice- it's easy to pack on colour and smudge it out, and the design is really sleek.
Bleach London makeup

I also picked up the zine, which is full of Bleach's gorgeous imagery! If you like cool photography, I'd definitely give this a look. It's really glossy and is such a nice thing to own.

Updated wish list:

  • BYO palette and eyeshadow
  • zine
  • eyeshadow brush
  • Alex-plex
  • scalp saviour
  • Old blue last
  • glitterati- Bleach's self adhesive glitter sounds like a necessity for parties, nights out and festivals
  • white heat
  • white toner
  • Lip kit
  • Also I still seriously want one of their stylists to come and sort my hair out properly.

That's it for now, stay tuned for the inevitable Bleach haul part 3, probably around Christmas but maybe even sooner! Have you guys tried any Bleach products? What's your fave?
Thanks for reading <3
-Amy xoxo

Bleach Berwick street haul and wishlist// Year 4 of uni goals// OOTD: My uniform 

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