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Thursday 12 October 2017

Bleach London Fade to Grey grey toner// review and before and after

Bleach London Fade to Grey grey toner// review and before and after
While I was in Bleach's Berwick Street salon getting a little spendy the other week,  I decided to try Bleach's new grey toner and see what it's like! I usually use Makki's colouring mask in Grey, and I love everything about it except that it's quite drying. I wanted to see if Bleach's would be as long lasting, but less drying. 


This toner is £9, which is a couple of pounds more than other high street options like schwarzkopf or colour freedom, but I'm really happy with the colour and it comes with a reincarnation mask, so personally I think it's worth the money.


I'd let my hair fade out so it was a silvery-white colour, and I'd also just bleached the roots which were quite yellow. They were actually more yellow than they appear in the above picture.

Bleach London fade to grey toner contents, smoky shampoo and resurrection mask


The hair dye was nice and easy to apply: mix the two components in and massage it into your hair. It's quite liquidy, which I prefer as I think it's easier to get a more even and less patchy finish. It smelt decent too. And of course, the packaging was gorgeous. Also appreciate that it comes with a little sachet of Bleach's reincarnation mask. I've got the large tub and the full sized tube (which is the one in the picture), so I'm going to save the mini one for travel. Anyway, 20 minutes and this toner is done! I noticed when I was washing out that the water went an odd brick red colour, and had a mini panic, but luckily my hair looked just fine at the end.


I'm sooo pleased with this colour! My hair felt super soft and sleek, and the toner came out really evenly. Even the yellow roots were covered!

Longevity/ Did it stain my hair?//

This is something I worry about trying any new grey dye- grey notoriously washes out really quickly, and I quite like my silver/white too so if my hair got stained I'd be a bit sad. This toner held up pretty well- it faded out to a nice whitish silver. However, my yellow roots started to show through after a couple of washes, which was a shame because I had to re-dye it sooner than I'd have liked. I dyed it after 7 washes, but I'd have happily kept on without dying it if my roots hadn't shown through. Next time, I'll make sure my roots are pale yellow rather than dark yellow)
Bleach London fade to grey toner results

You can see my roots were starting to get a little on the yellow side again, but the rest of my hair still looks good!


It's a gorgeous colour, and it left my hair feel really silky and smooth. It also faded out to a pretty silver-white. I really enjoyed using it, but if you're going to try it, do make sure your hair is as white as possible beforehand because, like a lot of grey hair dyes, it doesn't stay too well on yellower hair. I definitely wouldn't rule out picking this up again though <3

Thanks for reading! Do you have a favourite grey hair dye? I'd love to hear recommendations!
-Amy xoxo

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  1. I think I'm going to give this a go. .. I've had a mare trying to get my hair silver, 3x 40vol bleach and about 10 different silvers and it's still not there yet! I would rather use a toner than a colour! The results look fab on you! X

    1. Thank you <3 I hope you got on well with it! Grey is such a nightmare colour to get isn't it? x

  2. Do you think it would work on slightly darker grey as I need to add a bit more grey as it's starting to fade away.

    1. If your hair was bleached to start with, I think this should work to top up the grey! Bleach have a colour chart on their product listing here under the FAQ


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