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Monday 18 March 2019

Radio silence, again// three months in Japan

omoide yokocho in shinjuku tokyo
Hello gang! 
I am so knackered 
Good tired, but tired 

Work has been very intense, with holidays increasingly difficult to take (I’ve had a talk about this with my manager and I’m going to be more pushy about making sure I get all my time off) 

I re did our website at work (which was a big stress and I’m soooo glad its over) and I’m also trying to do the social media 

And another thing thats been taking up a lot of my time is.... I’ve moved house!!!
I was staying with my friend and I’m sooo grateful for how generous they were, but it’s so exciting to have a little place on my own! Rent in the uk is really expensive and there aren’t many studio flats around so living on my own is something that I might only be able to do now! 

I’ve got the bare bones sorted essentially, and ofc I’ll do a room tour when I’m all settled down ❤️

I’ve also managed to see my pals and go out a bit ❤️ bongin (a craft gin shop) and hug coffee are my go- to late night spots at the moment 
I’ve also spent a lots of time walking around shizuoka 
I’ve found *my* coffee shops, and I’ll post about them soon! 
I bought a coffee bean grinder- best investment ❤️
Ate a looot of yummy food- yakitori, unagi, pizza tempura (which was amazing... just amazing) 
Saw the early kawazu sakura and had a little hanami with my friends! 
I went to the shizuoka art museum finally!
The other weekend was the Shizuoka oden matsuri, so of course I went and got some oden and beer ❤️
Been slightly commuting to donki as it’s one of the only shops open after work and cheaper than the conbini (i still need to sort out my diet...)
I went to Tokyo to do a shoot with the street fashion brand Galfy, which was just a dream come true. I’ll share more from that when I’m allowed to,  but let’s just say it was an absolute blast

My boyfriend has come to visit me here in Shizuoka!! Sooo excited!! He’s going to be staying for a good long while, and I’m so ready for lots of cuddles (and also someone to take my outfit photos for me ;) )

And all in all it’s kind of going ok!
How are you guys? 

Stay tuned, because as is obvious from this post, I've got looots of content ideas and now I’ve moved out I’ve got some time to get around to posting it 💖

Also I’m a teeny bit more active on instagram than I am here, so definitely head over there if you’re interested 💖 (@candyflossoverkill)

-Amy xoxo


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