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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Empties post #18 products I've used up ft Kosé, Gatsby, Bleach London and Muji

flatlay of empty beauty products including gatsby bleach, muji cleanser and bleach london shampoo
Does anyone else measure the passage of time by how many beauty products they go through? 
It's been another loong gap since I posted on here, and again, I'm coming back with a quick and easy post of some beauty products I've used up. I really really will post something more fashion/japan related soonnn.... but for now: I've been in my job for 5 months!!! My boyfriend came to stay with me in Japan <3 I celebrated my birthday, had an amaazing day modelling for Galfy (check my ig and for pictures!) and yeah! Busy busy busy...

But anyway, here are some things I've used up recently!

Bleach London Beer shampoo// I have to admit I was pretty underwhelmed by the last Bleach shampoo I tried- the Live forever shampoo, wasn't bad but just wasn't anything exciting- but this one was really nice! Lathers nicely, smells good, and, of course, that packaging <3

Muji facial soap// not normally one for foaming cleansers, but I am sticking with this one- it's cheap, doesn't irritate or dry out my skin and yeah, the packaging doesn't hurt. I am interested in trying Muji's cleaning oil too, and that also comes in this convenient teeny size, so will definitely pick that up. 

Muji moisturiser// This was just a decent moisturiser, absorbed nicely without being too sticky as some other Japanese moiturisers I've tried have been. I got the bigger size of this because I'm going to stick with it for now. 

(not pictured) essential smart repair shampoo// Cheap but doesn't dry out your hair unlike so many other Japanese shampoos I've tried. I'm going to stick with this tbh. 

Essential Rich damage care 30 second hair mask// You know I'm obsessed with this hair mask, I've been through about 5 in as many months. Super rich, makes your hair really smooth and really affordable. The only downside to this range is how un-instagrammable the packaging is! 

flatlay of empty beauty products including gatsby bleach, muji cleanser and bleach london shampoo

Bioderma Micellar water// I bought this for eye make up remover, but I have to say that it didn't do a great job at getting my mascara off and I was kind of put off getting it again for a while, because it's not cheap. 

Hadabisei shinsou bihaku face masks// these were my fave face masks, but I think the formula has changed slightly and there is more liquid in each sachet? At the moment I tend to use the mask one night, and then use whatever is left for another time. (Your girl is cheap, ok?)

Gatsby bleach// This is probably my favourite box bleach I've tried in Japan, although I do think I need to suck it up and go to a hairdresser supply store and get some proper stuff- the box bleach tends to stop at a yellowy colour even if I bleach, wait a week and do another time, which isn't ideal. This one also doesn't come with a hair mask sachet.

Barry M nail varnish in raspberry// I loooved this nail varnish, I wore it so much I actually used the whole thing up! Love it, you can't go wrong with Barry M and I'd definitely get this again once I'm back in the UK.

Omg I need to go and get ready for work now. Battling the feeling of being super behind on *everything* at the moment- I'm also super behind on reading people's blogs too! I've been so tired that I just sleep most of the time I'm not at work... Do any of my *proper grown up* friends have any advice on dealing with work burnout?

Love you guys and catch up again soon! Thanks for reading ♡
-Amy xoxo

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