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Monday 11 January 2021

Directions Tangerine// Review and Before and After

Girl with orange hair dyed with Directions Tangerine and grey turtleneck

Back with another hair dye review- I can't not post a review when I try a new colour! I mean, this is from 2020 but better late than never eh? The long story short on this one is that the colour looked amazing but it definitely stained my bleached hair.


I bought this on grindstore for £4.99 whereas sellers on amazon were selling it for double that during the first lockdown- shout out to grindstore <3 You get 88ml, which was just enough for my medium length hair and for a little top up- if you have long or thick hair I'd definitely recommend getting more than one pot.


I had pretty much white hair, with some yellowish roots that I was desperate to cover up to be honest 

Girl with bleached blonde hair before dying with Directions Tangerine


I applied it to the roots and then smooshed it all over my hair and it came out sooo vibrant and nice!! I haven't had that many hair compliments in a while to be honest! Directions' creamy consistancy makes it pretty easy to apply without getting dye everywhere. I left it on for about 30 minutes for maximum brightness.


Girl with orange hair dyed with Directions Tangerine and grey turtleneck

It was so so bright!! The water was bright orange when I rinsed my hair and I was a bit paranoid that orange would come off on my bed sheets, towels etc. but I used all dark towels so I don't know if that actually happened (it really did when I used crazy color back in the day, but I might not have rinsed that off properly.. who knows... I'd be a little careful and don't use white bed sheets just in case.
But yeah, the colour was amazing, perfect for my goal of finally having Hayley Williams' hair ;)
My hair also felt really soft- another advantage of using directions is it doesn't damage your hair at all.


Some of the brightness toned down slightly after a couple of washes, although it was definitely still bright orange. After a couple of washes I used up the remaining half of the dye and topped up my hair, mostly my roots so it would fade in a gradient.
Girl with orange hair dyed with Directions Tangerine
After four more washes my ends started to go peachier:

I think this peach colour is dead cute and wasn't mad at it at all tbh
Peachy hair showing how Directions Tangerine looks 2 weeks and a few washes after dying
After another couple of washes I had a job interview and was slightly anxious about having peach hair for it, so I bleached my roots and did a quick bleach bath on the orangier patches to try and knock some of the orange out buuut it didn't do much and my hair became slightly cronchy so I decided to try and wait for it to fade by itself and also bleach baths are scary and I don't normally touch my hair with bleach apart from the roots after a slight disaster two years ago (Vol 40... need I say more?)
Girl with bleached blonde hair and a vintage shirt

Did it stain my hair//

Definitely can't recommend this to people without saying that yes it definitely stained my white hair and I was still slightly peachy/ creamy blonde over three weeks later. Most of it eventually washed out but I had a band of orange which really clung to my yellow-blonde roots.

In conclusion//

I am used to doing pastel hair colours/ grey, which is the lowest level of commitment possible, basically. So the fact that my hair is kind of stained peach still almost a month later was a little bit of a shock- I tried to fade the last peach bits out slowly with silver shampoo, dandruff shampoo and cleansing shampoo. But it is a banging colour and it made my hair really soft and for the price I can't complain because staining is what bright colours do tbh.

I hope you guys are all saying safe!
Thanks for reading!

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