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Wednesday 30 June 2021

I got my hair done at Bleach and it was great

My hair cut and colour- sandy blonde hair by Jayne at Bleach Soho

Hey kids, just a quick hair update... from ages ago but it was cute ok? 

For the first time in over a year, (last September, 2 lockdowns ago...) I got a pro to cut and colour my hair <3 (2 lockdowns ago) As I'm back in the UK and have a proper job, I thought I'd treat myself and go to Bleach. As longtime readers will know, I'm sliightly obsessed. 

The main reason though was that some of my hair was falling out (and not in a like bleached damaged breaking off halfway down way, in a 'it's falling out at the root' way... I think it might have been stress... but whatever it's stopped now ahah) but basically I was too scared to do my roots again in case all my hair fell out so I paid a pro and I couldn't be happier with it honestly. 

Jayne ( ) did my hair and it was really lovely <3 

I paid: £239 for cut, bleach roots, toner and dye - You have to put down a £100 deposit beforehand, which then goes towards the cost of the appointment.

Bleach have apparently just changed their pricing so all prices include the extras like plex bleach and special treatments. You can check out Bleach's prices here:

Time: It took a good few hours- I got my roots bleached and then a peachy toner and then a sandy blonde toner over that.

(I had an orange band from some super stubborn orange dye that wouldn't fade, next time I go in Jayne is going to try and get rid of it for me.)

In the end I decided on a dark, more natural looking blonde- Jayne called it 'sand blonde' 


me at Bleach before getting my hair done- my hair was a platinum blonde and I had about an inch of dark brown roots


My hair cut and colour- sandy blonde hair by Jayne at Bleach Soho

a photo of me after having my hair cut and coloured at Bleach- it was a long sandy blonde bob. I am also holding a cup noodle on top of my head

(ignore the noodles and look at my hair pls)

I really liked it!! (although I will be going back to platinum next time I think... )

And I had hours to grill Jayne for styling/care tips too, which was lovely!

It felt very covid-safe, everyone was wearing masks and there was a limit on numbers of customers and staff in the shop. Staff also were only working on one client at a time to whereas normally I think they would get quite busy, with stylists working on multiple clients at once. 

Bleach are back open as of the 12th April- definitely check them out and book an appointment if you're in London- I think it was well worth it, personally.

I'm so pleased with it and I can't recommend it more- obviously it's really pricy but in my opinion it was worth it :) I think I'll still carry on doing my hair myself for the most part because £££ but I'd love to go back as the occasional treat.

The sand blonde toner eventually faded out (really nicely) to a lighter blonde, which I really enjoyed :)

Do you guys do your hair yourself? Or do you prefer to leave it to the pros? 

Thanks for reading!-Amy xoxo

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