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Tuesday 18 May 2021

Empties #26 Mary Quant, Clinique, The Ordinary and Bleach London


A flatlay of empty beauty products including Bleach London conditioner, Mary Quant sunscreen, Bleach toner and bleach boxes, and skincare from Clinique and The Ordinary

Hello gang, I hope you're all hanging in there! I still haven't done much that's particularly blog- worthy lately- I've barely even updated my instagram in 2021... Anyone else feeling super burnt out creatively? Most of my energy has been going into work tbh. I hope you're all taking care of yourselves and being gentle with yourselves, you know? <3 Anyway, on to the empties! 


The Ordinary Buffet, Niacinimide and Ascorbyl Glucoseide 12%// I used these every day, I am trying the vitamin C and niacinimide from The Inkey List, but tbh I think I'll be switching back to The Ordinary after I'm finished. The Inkey List's Niacinimide is teeny tiny so I'm sure that won't take long to finish.

No7 Cream Cleanser// This was lovely, it agreed with my skin and got rid of most makeup apart from stubborn mascara or lipstick- perfect for everyday and I'm definitely going to pick this up again. It seems like cream cleansers aren't that fashionable right now, but I love them, they're often gentle and not overly drying.

Clinique Dramatically Different moisturiser// my friend kindly gave this to me after it didn't agree with her skin (it's got vitamin e in it), but this really made my skin look great. I'll definitely be picking this up again. 

Clinique Take The Day Off Eye Makeup Remover// This was really effective at removing makeup, but it left my eyes feeling pretty oily and sticky. For now I'll be sticking with the classic Garnier Micellar Water for taking off mascara and lipstick.

Clinique Moisture Surge Eye Cream// (I got the clinique advent calender for myself last year, so there will probably be a fair few clinique minis in my empties post for a little while... ) I liked this fine, but I'm not too big a fan of the little blobs of different texture in this.

Clinique Superdefense SPF 40// This was cool to try, but it was a bit thick for in the morning before makeup, which was when I wanted to use it.

Biore Sunscreen// I ordered this from Japan, but when I opened it it smelt really alcohol-y.... I think the one I was using might have gone off in transit or something because it did not smell this weird last time I used it. (I did actually use it all up anyway though, and my skin didn't seem fussed.)  I do have another bottle of this, fingers crossed this one is normal... 

Mary Quant Block & Block Perfect Protection Sunscreen// this is suuuch a nice sunscreen- it's smooth and watery on application, and it calms inflammation in your skin- my skin looked noticably nicer once I committed to putting sunscreen on every day again (sunscreen is so important guys!!). It's definitely my favourite Mary Quant product I've tried. 
The formula just got updated this year, so I've bought one of the new ones :) (again, to be fully transparent, it's not sponsored or an ad, but I do work at Mary Quant and I bought this using my staff discount)

A flatlay of empty beauty products including Bleach London conditioner, Mary Quant sunscreen, Bleach toner and bleach boxes, and skincare from Clinique and The Ordinary


Maybelline Collossal Waterproof Mascara// I love this, this is a forever repeat for me. It makes the perfect huge clumpy lashes.

Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes sample // This was my first Charlotte Tilbury product I've ever tried (it was a free sample from Cult Beauty) and while the mascara looked amazing on, I did get some transfer onto my brow bone throughout the day.


Bleach London Plex Bleach x 2// You all know I'm obsessed with Bleach London, and my hair is looking pretty thick and healthy since I started using Plex Bleach to do my roots. I do still use Total Bleach sometimes too.

Bleach London White Toner// This is quite strong, and left a sort of green tinge to my hair last time I used it, which is not the beautiful white I wanted. I'd keep a super close eye on it while it's processing, and maybe don't leave it on for the whole 25 minutes? 

Bleach London Champagne Super Toner// I love this- I did a full review on this here: Champagne Super Toner Review and before and after

Bleach London Pearlescent Conditioner// I've been using the pearlescent shampoo and conditioner for a little while, I really love how it makes my hair look! I've already picked up another of these. It makes my hair feel super smooth too. 

That's it for now, thanks for reading! 
I hope you guys are all staying safe and taking care of yourselves! 
-Amy xoxo

Bleach London Champagne Super Toner Review and before and after // First empties in a while: Empties #25 Including The Ordinary, Bleach London and some of my ride or die faves // Sustainability and Beauty 


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