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Wednesday 21 July 2021

Happy Quantaversary to me!

Me wearing a face mask printed with Mary Quant daisies

Soo just a quick little post saying that it's been over 1 year since I started working at Mary Quant's London office! I haven't posted a tonne about it, mostly because all my creative energy has been going towards work so I've barely been active on my own social media...

 But yes I work at MQ at the moment, as day jobs go, it's pretty great!
Yes- Mary Quant is still active as a brand- mostly in Japan, but we do ship worldwide so if you're interested, please check out Mary Quant Europe's online store here:
(disclaimer- work haven't paid me to post this blog post but I do work at Mary Quant so...) 

I've still got a tonne to learn but I'm really enjoying it, plus I get staff discount on cosmetics yesss :D 

I hope you guys are doing ok! Stay safe gang!!
-Amy xoxo


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