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Friday 31 December 2021

Empties #28 The Inkey list, Glossier, Bleach, Mary Quant etc

a flatlay of empty beauty products from brands including Bleach London, Glossier, The Inkey List, Mary Quant and Lush 

Hiii gang! Last empties of 2021, you know the drill, let's go!

Skincare/ Bodycare// 

Glossier priming balance moisturiser// I haated the cream version of this cos it broke me out but this oil free gel one really agreed with my skin. I've got another one of this that I'm currently using in the morning before makeup.

No7 Hydraluminous gel cream // I adore this moisturiser too, it makes my skin feel calm and doesn't break me out. I've bought another one of this too- the only thing is I wish it was in a tube because I feel like I get through tubs of cream so quickly.

Mary Quant Misty Jet// I used this soooo often and I really do think it calmed my skin, which is a shame cos we don't have this version any more. I will probably pick up the limited Tropical Pop scent

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser// this was in my Clinique advent calendar last year! I liked it a lot. It's a teeny bit out of my price range, but I'd get this moisturiser again as a treat maybe.

Estée Lauder Eye Cream// This was a present from my mum and it was super luxe!

The Inkey List Niacinimide// Everyone was raving about this brand so I picked up this and the vitamin c... this was fine, but I'm not mad on the packaging. I think I'll be sticking with The Ordinary for stuff like this. 

Lush Mask of Magnaminty// I love this mask! It's a refreshing minty clay mask with little scrubby bits in. I think this size is too big for me to get through in good time though so I'll be buying the smaller pot next time. 

Lush Dirty Springwater// This is a menthol-y minty scent which is gorgeous in summer. I have the body spray of dirty so I liked having a shower gel in the same scent.

Elemis shower gel// This was a mini from a hotel, really interesting botanical scent and felt really luxe. 


Bleach Pearlescent Conditioner// You guys know I'm obsessed with this shade. I've been really into the pearlescent shampoo as well- it's slightly less blue toned than the silver shampoo and it leaves my hair a lovely creamy pearly blonde. 

Bleach Hair Elixir// I love this, this was my 3rd or 4th bottle and I've got another one lined up. It's so nice and not too expensive so I see no reason to try anything else tbh.

Bleach Beer mask// Again, this is a repeat-buy and I've got a new one on the go already. I love this.

Mark Hill UV protection spray // Sun exposure is suuper bad for bleached or damaged hair! I had to stand outside in the midday summer sun one day last year with no hat for about 20 minutes because we had a fire alarm go off, and when I got home my hair was so dry and fragile. I've bought a new sun spray for my hair for next summer/ any rare British winter sunny days.

Makeup/ Nail Polish//

I got this Mary Quant sparkly pink in July 2020, and I was so obsessed with it! I ended up actually finishing the whole thing without necessarily focussing on using it up. We don't sell this shade any more so I'm a bit sad to see it go. 

My sister also gave me a couple of older nail polishes she had lying about including this French one (the little gold one) unfortunately this was ridiculously gloopy and there was only a teeny bit left so I used it once and then that was that.

Autograph palette// This was one of my oldest palettes, the actual shadows still performed fine so I've taken the remaining 3 shadows out of the palette and put them in my magnetic palette so I can try and use them up. I'm going to take this empty palette to a Terracycle spot to recycle it. 

That's it for now, I wanted to keep it short and sweet today. Most importantly: Happy new year guys! Stay safe and I hope everyone has a restful and healthy 2022! 

-Thanks for reading, see you in 2022! Amy xoxo

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