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Monday 17 August 2015

To Drink or not to Drink: alcohol and socialising at Uni

Hi everyone ^^
Today, as part of my university advice series, I thought I'd share my two cents on socialising and alcohol.
Obviously, I'm no expert, these are just things that helped me
Making friends and socialising

Especially at first, try and talk to as many people as possible

Try and learn people's names quickly and use them in conversation

Don't bitch about people right from the start, much as it seems fun, you'll just make a bad impression.

Don't count people out by immediately thinking 'they won't want to be my friend', be open to everyone!

Try and do stuff with your flatmates too: like cooking meals together, movie nights or going out together 

Use the facebook group/ set one up for your class
This one was pretty hard for me, as I am a total technophobe. However, it was great to be able to keep up with our whole group on facebook ^^ (this might not be manageable if your course is huge, though,)

Join societies: you can meet
people outside your course! And there are often tonnes of cool free or discounted activities to do. 

Join your course's society too
Because chatting with your mates in the pub is always a good shout
Try studying in a group once in a while (While I didn't find this particularly useful for studying, it was a good excuse to see my friends in revision time. Just keep it brief.)


You don't have to drink
I have been in both camps here. I didn't really drink for the first half of the year, and now I do. However, I firmly believe that you don;t *need* alcohol to have a good time.

What you will find about not drinking is the odd person who is super trying to push alcohol down your throat. I actually found that people were better about this in uni than school (I had a few pushy friends who couldn't get the message in school).
To be honest, the best response to "but WHY don't you drink" is not to give the actual reason- they will try and break your reason down and convince you that alcohol is *the only way to socialise* for me, a brief "I just don't" and then moving the conversation on worked the best.

While we're on the subject of alcohol, I thought I'd mention weed and stronger drugs. While these were definitely present, I found people are much less pushy about drugs than alcohol. A firm 'that's not my bag, thanks' is generally enough.

Remember: you're not 'Uncool' if you don't want to drink. You do you, and have a great time either way! Talk to everyone, go to societies and I'm sure you'll have a great time at uni! (Don't forget to study a little though, hehe)
I hope this was helpful! ♪( ´▽`)
-Amy xoxo

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