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Saturday 29 August 2015

Uni Advice: 27 organising/ life tips

Hey guys ^^ it's the last post in my university advice series for now. I've covered studying, cooking, socialising... So now I thought I'd round up all the random tips: time management, organising and just general life tips ^^ obviously this is just my opinion, and I'm no expert, but it might help. 

On with the advice: 
1 Make your bed each morning. It makes you feel so much more productive.
2 Turn down the 'okay' treats so you can do the things you love without regret e.g. turning down junk food I don't like that much so I can have the occasional chocolate ^^
3 Have some sort of planner calendar list situation.

4 Do a quick 1 min tidy of your room before you sleep so that you wake up to calm, not random crap everywhere (exception: after a night out, hehe ^^) 
5 Don't be that flatmate that just leaves plates and stuff in the sink expecting them to be magically cleaned (seriously, who does this??) *my flatmates didn't but lots of my friends' do

6 At uni there's a lot of free counselling etc. available. If you need help, get it. There's no shame.
7 Write your to do list based on the time you have. It makes you think about how much you can realistically get done in the time and will force you to stay on task more. 
Also, nothing is more demotivating than a to do list that is as long as your arm with stuff you feel like you'll never get done. Break up items into easier little steps and never over schedule yourself. 
8 Prioritise where you want to spend your money and have a plan. Junk food and alcohol are expensive.

9 Don't overdo it studying- you'll get burnt out and lonely.

10 Write down how you spend your money. Keeps you more accountable
11 During the week, try and set a regular sleep pattern. I slept 11-6 or 12-7.
12 Join societies!
13 Seriously, if everyone does the washing up, the flat will get on
14 People are basically nice. Scary, but nice
15 Even if they seem cool and collected, everyone is probably as scared as you are
16 It's ok if you don't drink, or if you only drink a little. Don't make a big thing of it, just a 'nah, it's not my thing' should be fine. Most people are totally cool about it ^^
17 It's also ok if you aren't into partying. Definitely give it it a chance (several chances- not all clubs/house parties/bars/pubs are created equal) , but don't force yourself to do something you don't enjoy. Especially at a big uni, you'll be able to find 'your people'. 
18 A small weekly clean is totally easy and makes everything less stressful and easier to find everything. Once a week I quickly dust all the surfaces and Hoover my floor (this takes as little as like 10 mins and I usually do it as a study break) and do my washing.
19 Try and keep less stuff out on surfaces, it makes cleaning sooo much easier and if your room has less clutter it will be more relaxing and easy to study there. 
20 File/ organise all of your papers and notes!
You'll thank yourself come exam revision time.
21 Don't bring too much stuff 
22 If you can, find your flat mates and co ordinate who is bringing what in terms of cooking stuff. Between the 5 of us I swear we have like 20 pans xD 
23 Find when your best time to work is- I usually wake up earlier so I have 1 or 2 hours study in the morning before class
24 Freshers- there is probably a lot more going on than just partying, like societies signing up, and also a lot of free stuff too ♡

25 If you can, try and get your parents to do your first shop with you at uni ^^ 
26 Link your uni email to your phone! This one was a lifesaver for me as it meant I could check it easily and reply quickly 
27 When you're back at home, use the chance to think about all the stuff that you didn't take to uni. You probably don't need it all, you didn't take it, how much do you even like it? Have a little declutter session ^^

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