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Thursday 5 November 2015

Trying on Kimono and a local matsuri at Toyokawa

Hi guys! Today's post is about the day I visited my host family! They are so kind! If you guys have the chance to do an exchange programme like this (Osaka University set it up and I can visit their house once a month or so) I'd one hundred percent recommend it! 
While we were out walking to the Kimono try-on event, we happened to see a matsuri procession! The locals were taking a break though, and it looks like it was well earned- the weather was so hot and the Mikoshi that they were carrying (I think that's what it is called ^^;;) was probably really heavy! There were even children sitting inside!
 Also here are some pictures of me trying on a Kimono! My host family took me and I got to try on a Kimono and we were given traditional Japanese snacks and tea. So lovely! I had to have a 'tall' kimono though ^^;; (according to Google sensei, I am the height of an average Japanese man....)
Here are a few pictures of me looking awkward and the lady who put the Kimono on me (it's pretty complicated and I'm not sure how many people can put one on by themselves) looking really glamorous.
I prefer the back view because it doesn't show how awkward I look (I hate having my picture taken most of the time). But it was such a lovely event and I had a lot of fun! 
While we were drinking tea, one of the people even said that my seiza (traditional Japanese way of sitting) was good!

After we tried on Kimono, I got to go back with my host family and they made me dinner! It was Okonomiyaki, and it was delicious~
Thanks for reading! 
-Amy xoxo


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